Friday, March 30, 2007

Big Barf Candy

If you're bored with luscious chocolate spun into Easter eggs and birds nests, here's something to break up the monotony.
Big Barf Candy. It won't spoil anyone's appetite, despite round chunks rolling from a green mouth onto a red tongue.
Let's call it filler candy. It's of the pellet variety which usually comes in a tube, commonly found in toy doctor and makeup kits back in the sixties.
"10ccs of little colored balls, stat."
Big Barf is a fraternal twin of Big Burp, also from the twisted minds at the Kandy Kastle. Surely you're familiar with the Candy Hose Nose and the Mallow Burger with Fries.
Big Barf comes with barfing noises which seem to say, "If you care what I taste like, you've missed the point."
My cousin Vinnie, guest tester, demonstrates.


  1. I can see that I'm going to have to fight you to the death for the Joost invite. :)

    Or else I'll just punch you in the tummy and then make you eat your own (big)BARF(candy).

    :D hehehe
    I'll trade you some WD-40 for your squeaky chair for a grow-your-own choco bunny.

  2. A Joost Joust?
    (tenting fingers)

  3. If you take the carrot, that leaves me with the lemon duck.

  4. I'm hopeful that my choco-bunny will have grown to enormous proportions by then, and your duck will run quacking into the night.


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