Saturday, March 24, 2007

Lemon Duck With Carrot

candy duck and carrotThese attractive Mark Avenue Chocolates stood out among a multitude of bright and fun candy at Debbies Sweets 'n Treats.
The new store had just been handed down to Deb's daughter, Erica, a few weeks before, and looked fuller and more energized than ever.
While my sister submerged herself in Easter candy, I stocked up on Space Food Sticks and gumballs. And I don't chew gum. Well now I do, having recently purchased a pound of blue raspberry and Dubble Bubble gumballs.
Back to Mark Avenue; they make a decent duck.
The lemon in the Lemon Flavored Yellow Duck was subtle and lingering, the chocolate thick and not too sweet. Weighing in at 1.5 oz., it was thick enough to provide a soft crunch. The light lemon flavor cut the sweetness.
The Orange Carrot had a heavier, artificial taste and smell. It scored high on looks, low on taste.
I'd spend the buck thirty on as many Yellow Ducks as I could stuff in an Easter Basket, but would rather grow, then harvest, my own Chocolate Bunny than eat another Orange Carrot.



  1. Anonymous11:20 PM

    Have you grown your own bunny?

  2. I was going to grab a few for Easter, but got too distracted by Wizard of Oz memorabilia.


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