Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hot Tamales Ice

Hot Tamales Ice boxBoy, boy, crazy boy.
If you like jelly spearmint leaves, you'll like Hot Tamales Ice Chewy Mint Flavored Candies.
HTICMFC have been around since January, and just below the surface at least, taste like cinnamon Hot Tamales.
Run-ins with both Peppermint Schnapps and Crème de Menthe have put me off most things mint—with the exception of the US Mint and Mint Juleps on Derby Day (this year on Cinco de Mayo).

Hot Tamales IceHot Tamales Ice have the same crunchy outside, same jelly inside, same Hot Tamales syrupy finish as the originals. You can still bite one down to its nub and get a sugar crust with a bit of chew. HT Ice leaves you with a breezy mint aftertaste after sucking down the spotted coating.
Not as bad as I thought, kind of fun, but cinnamon still rules, especially for dumping into popcorn.


  1. cybele1:23 PM

    Are they peppermint or spearmint (or a little of both)?

    I think I might like these ... I was quite disappointed when Jelly Belly discontinued their mint jelly beans (though they brought back a mint mix for a while).

    I haven't seen them in stores here in Southern California though.

  2. There are white blotches which make it look like peppermint, but it tastes all spearmint to me, Cybele.
    Rumor has it they've been around since January, but I only noticed them a few weeks ago.
    Mint Jelly Bellys~blech~

  3. cookielady9:21 AM

    I wouldn't mix these with popcorn either.

  4. Oh, those semms iami. but i am on a diet...
    Do the one in the first post have marshmellows? we dont have those in Portugal!:(

  5. Hi Buxi,
    I think they might fit into that diet you've got going. No fat...
    Do you mean do the Peeps Pop Sliders have marshmallow in them? No, and I was very disappointed they didn't.
    No Peeps in Portugal? Maybe we can arrange an exchange of some kind.

  6. That's right, zero fat, 560 calories, and 27g of sugar.
    Reading the box makes my teeth hurt.

  7. Good for people to know.


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