Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rolling In Sugar

One of my favorite things to ogle is pastry at the Rolling Pin. (I've also cranked up the AC in 85° weather to feast on their mushroom beef barley and pumpkin curry soups.)
Sometimes the pastry ogles back. Their chocolate croissants are sweet and tender and quite flirtatious with a giddy chocolate center. Many of their baked goods are art. ("This is art. This is soup.")
Their pink cream puff swans are so attractive (I'd guess strawberry, but with them you never know) that I'd feel guilty eating one. The watermelon and s'more cookies, a sassy pair of picnic foods, leered back at me from behind the glass, so in the white bag they went.

watermelon cookieSugary and thick, you have to work at finishing a watermelon cookie. Great dunked, nibbled, waved under someone's nose, or just to celebrate getting your dental insurance back, this cookie can be refrigerated and saved for days with minimal taste loss.
The s'more, well that's pure evil in a baked good. It's huge, like most of their cookies, but has marshmallows sandwiched in between not one, but two thick chocolate chunk cookies. There's a lake of chocolate coating on top.

s'more cookie
It's a crumbly one, the s'more, and about as messy as a graham cracker. You can nibble it from the ends for days. Well, maybe two, three days tops. I'm not crazy about barely browned pie crusts or cookies, especially in something this doubly thick, but like the Rolling Pin's white chocolate raspberry (exquisite) and red velvet cookies, generous chunks-o-chocolate make you smile. And giggle. And dance around your apartment until you crash, vowing to eat nothing but fruit and raw vegetables for a week. We'll see how that goes.


  1. Yumblers! I'm totally drooling. I really miss Madison and all of its de-lish surrounding haunts. Maybe it's a good thing I graduated and moved north. I will definitely check that place out!

    ps...my mother is an amazing wheat free baker. It sucks that she can't have wheat but holy hell, she makes up for it in more ways than one!

  2. A lot o fine sweets for a place this small. I haven't even scratched the surface of the Rolling Pin and have only sampled Candinas, now on the square.
    Your mom must have some great recipes. Bet it's hard to keep something like that up.

  3. Wow! This is such a cool blog! I looooove candy!

  4. Thanks, C. Right back at ya. You're on PEI? Interesting movie choices. That bottle of Mojitos looks pretty good. I just found out you can blend them.

  5. I agree--yummers. THe stuffed cookie is fabulously scrumptious looking.

    And I love your blog too.

  6. Thanks, Jodi, like both your blogs, how cool is your job?
    Have been dragging my feet what with all the baseball and football going on. Think I got heat stroke last week at a Brewer's game.


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