Friday, November 02, 2007

Ear, Ear, What's All This Then?

gummy body parts bagThis Gummy Body Parts Comment just arrived in the dish:
"My daugther got the teeth and the ear for halloween, But the ear, when turned upside down, looks like female parts. I don't thing these things should be sold to give out to kids at all."
--Conserned Parent
I don't remember the bag of body parts I found at Walgreens being nearly that interesting if you know what I mean wink wink nudge nudge. Damn, not an ear kooch in sight. Plenty of severed feet though. Maybe the kids around here are already familiar with that body part. Life on the farm and all.
What do you think? Halloween fun or time for "The Talk?"
Thanks to Josh McCormick for use of his flickr photo!


  1. ummmm....Candy? It DOES look like female body parts. *snicker*

  2. Is there a romance novel called Body Parts?

  3. lol--you must be Vicki Stiefl, you've been fooling us all this time calling yourself Candy.

    this is the link

  4. Not all that romantic.


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