Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What Lies Beneath (Inside The Milk Crates On My Porch)

shadow thingWhat is that thing?
Between taping movies like a fiend and trying to catch all the weather, I found something quite disturbing on my porch.
No fair James, you already know.
I bet Lisa Maire does too (thanks for giving me the idea you talented little photo hound).
Guess correctly and get a video.
Yes, whoopty friggin' do,
"What? Have we got a video?"
(Gimme a character, actor, series or episode name associated with that quote and get a video package.)


  1. lol, I'm a bad amateur screen writer. I have absolutely no clue. I'll have to wait for someone to guess. But...what is that thing in the milk crates on your porch?? Is it a kitten? Shadows of a chocolate bar? Nougat?? Okay, yes--I'm reaching, but...*??*

  2. Hmmmm...I think I'm totally off, but it looks like the silhouette of a cute little kitten! Then again, I have been seeing nothing but kittens on our farm these days!! ;)

    Did you receive your parcel yet? Jimbo received his today. XO

  3. It's funny you say kitten, Jodi. It is a shadow of something with its mouth open. I love the idea of a chocolate bar ready to eat something else.
    How you been? I've been avoiding the keyboard like a liver sandwich.

  4. A kitten is the last thing that would be on my balcony, C. You have a farm full of kittens?
    No parcel, no worries.
    Was it cold up there today? Brrr. But I'll take it. Sun would be nice. Remember that commercial with the Brits in the park when the sun comes out for half a minute and she's like, "Not too much now, Alf." Don't remember what the product was, but loved the commercial.

  5. Upon further examination, I'd have to conclude that the image in the photograph is...BAH! I have no idea.
    It sort of looks like a shadow puppet. You know, like a giant fish opening up its mouth to swallow its supper!

    P.S. Yes, our Spring litter was born and we've got kittens! Five of them! We've got two girls coming this week to take a look. Hopefully they'll take two each! LOL! Just kidding. Hubby really hates cats, but he likes having them in the barn to get rid of all those pests that seek refuge in the warm barn. Ever since we got the barn cats, there hasn't been any pigeon poop on the bales of hay we've got in the barn.

  6. Drats...I'm sworn to secrecy, ....looks like it could be the Lock "Nest" monster? I haven't a clue on the quote!
    Love my parcel C!

  7. HA!!! It's a bird> >Uncivil said so. And yes, now that I look at it, it's a bird waiting for food.

    *not a chocolate bar*

    ...doing so-so, still settling in--I just bought a grill and my kids were out BBQing in the rain. Although I think it's the thrill of creating lighter fluid flares. :)

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  10. Let me try this AGAIN!...

    It is a baby bird eating a chocolate bar shaped like a kitten!

    And has a nice little candy review on his blog today!

  11. Oh for the LOVE OF GOD!!!! It's not working!!!!

    Here's the fricken link to the Revs blog:

  12. Very good, Jodi and Olga! I was feeding them soy infant formula, but close enough. Send an address to the email on the site and get a stupid postcard.

    I still have C.s sitting here, James, and uh, good clue, Yojimbo.

    I got your package Chrissy. Yee ha. Haven't opened it because I was waiting for the right moment. Like tonite during LOST. It's actually opening night for our local baseball team, but I'm feeling under this weather. Although it's free beer until the game starts night and I was thinking of just standing there next to the bar then leaving.

    Lighter fluid flares, Jodi? Cool kids. I like the way they think.

    Hilarious, Olga. I did try to give them worm chunks, but if a bird can give you an expression which says "You've got to be kidding," they did. Will check out the Rev's blog anon. Ta.

  13. Goodness gracious, woman!!! HOW on earth were you able to NOT open the package right away??? Me? I'd be tearin' that baby open before I even got through the door! LOL!

    Sorry it's nuthin' fancy, but happy belated b-day anyway!

  14. Hey C., it's because I have no self-control. None at all, if I'd opened the package the contents would be gone before I could take some lovely, er, photos.
    (Ab Fab quote.)
    Thanks sweetie, I can't wait.


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