Friday, May 30, 2008

They Live

Robin rescueRowdy Roddy Piper would be proud.
The hearty
quartet are enjoying their spa vacation at Four Lakes Wildlife Center and doing well. I hardly recognized the little insectivores (teach me a word and I'll use it).

HatchlingsOkay, yeah, that's them.


  1. I don't know if they look better because they're more feathery? Or because they're still in the dish and you're taking pictures from the side, but they look really really healthy (and more birdlike, lol)

  2. Oh yeah, Jodi, they're much healthier. Getting worms and fruit and insects and chicken based baby food. And they're finally warm.
    They got bigger, too.
    They had some kind of down deal growing on them. I hadn't seen that since shortly after they hatched.

  3. Awwwwwwwwww! YAY! They live!!! That is so cool, Jeanna!

    It looks like they're screaming: "FEED ME! FEED ME! FEED ME!"


  4. Hey C.,
    Enjoying some blue raspberry gum from a cow's bum as I type. I love how it dispenses, hardy har har.
    Anyhoo, they looked so comfy and kind of thick or something the other day. It is cool.

  5. Oh My God!!! I am cracking UP! Look at those cute ugly little faces ONLY a mother could love!

  6. I think the raptors would love them even more. Now the red tail hawk a few feet away was cute. These guys, umm, I felt less like puking when I saw them this time. Maybe it was because they were being well fed. Kind of like not lactating when you hear a baby cry.

  7. Dang, them are some long necked little wormivores.

  8. They kind of look like a pop up toy. Shouldn't you be drinking some long necks right about now?

  9. Jeanna,
    I got your postcard in the mail yesterday! Thank you! LOL! The poodle getting its hair done reminds you of me??? LOL!

    I actually collect postcards and mount them in my classroom so my students can see postcards from all over the world. Thanks for adding to my collection ;)

  10. LOL! Sorry, I hadn't read through all the comments until I posted mine! That is too funny! "I love how it dispenses"!!! You totally crack me up! You should take a photo of it, as I never got to see how it dispenses when I got it for you. I'm intrigued! LOL!

  11. Hey Chrissy, I did take photos and was going to do a post, but got sidetracked. Just filed the robin story so have some time now. The editor wanted it way earlier (although technically I made the deadline) so I'm not sure I'll be seeing much work come my way any time soon.
    Anyhoo, I lit the candle right away; did that EVER smell good, and have been chewing cow butt gum while keeping it on display on the counter.
    Too crazy hyper to post, don't know where I'll be living in the upcoming months, but I keep packing anyway.

  12. How awesome! What fun!

  13. Hi Lisa, I was over joyed when I saw them looking so healthy. It was like finding something still living after a cave in. Four Lakes do as much for people as they do for critters.


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