Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

car accident
The good news, this was the car that hit us. The bad news, this was the car that hit us.
The ofcoursewhynot news, I got the ticket.
The probablyforthebest news, she smashed in my door preventing me from opening it and "having a word" before the ambulance and police got there.
The almostfunnynews, the only thing my dad was concerned about after we got my mother to stop screaming, was dripping blood on the interior of his truck.
He' fine, has a V-shaped battle scar. The EMTs calmed my mother down and she tried to give one of them money. Always tip the people with sedatives.
My sister had to drive my parents back from Milwaukee to Madison and then drive us back to Milwaukee that night. Needless to say she has several guilt chits with my name on them, and I didn't get to join the Black Friday mob for the flat screen TV I've been stalking Kathy Bates style for a year.
We did, however, pass a crazy throng at Johnson Creek around midnight just to rub it in, which was fine because I'd already gotten a TV the night before during a recon mission at Best Buy.
But I don't really like the TV and the tow truck company charged us for two days in less than 24 hours, charging more to tow my dad's truck (the son he always wanted) from Wauwatosa to Brookfield than it cost to tow it from Brookfield to Madison. They also changed the price at the last minute and demanded about $400.00 bucks in cash.
Shall we continue?
I think not or I'd have to mention the incident with the toilet. Guido. And that might taint my holiday experience. (Growling Edward style. Yes, I'm still reading those books.)


  1. Ah-HAH! So this is where you've been. I should tell you that as soon as I saw the photo, I gasped in alarm...and then I broke out laughing when I saw the cop car lights flahsing behind.

    Misery makes for such interesting blog fodder, no? (Sorry! But I'm glad you're okay, Kathy Bates.)

    I did my heart especially good when I heard you growl like Edward. Atta girl!

  2. IT did my heart good, that is.

    DANG it.

  3. Hey, Unhinged, look for a police blotter near you for further details. Let's just say a Soprano episode or two comes to mind.
    Yes, nothing like almost killing your parents on Thanksgiving to bring on that holiday cheer.
    And now I owe my sister and family big time.
    Hence, I'm up to my ears in sugar products.
    A regular Santa's kitchen it is around here.
    (Edward growl.)

  4. At least there is no permanent human damage and you're able to see the humor in it.

  5. DANG!!! I'm just glad everyone's OK...nothing a little chocolate won't fix, eh? ;) Well that and a good auto-body shop!

  6. Hi Pam, you're right, we were incredibly lucky, but I'm having post traumatic old lady driver syndrome.

  7. Olga, I'm beginning to think the body shop has become it's permanent home. Oh, if only I could avoid chocolate, this place smells way too good and I find myself dipping into the homemade Christmas presents.

  8. classic midwest mom slipping someone a five. ha! glad to hear everyone walked away!

  9. Hey bon bon. Actually, I saw a twenty in there. I think it's an Italian thing.

  10. OK...let me get this straight...if I'm ever broke down on the side of the road near Milwaukee Wisconsin......what ever I do.........don't call "Dennis'towing Service"? Right?
    Look at the bright side.......your parents probably won't request that you drive them shopping next "Black Friday"?!?
    No...seriously...glad you and your parents are OK......and glad to see ya back with us!

  11. Ok, that does not sound like a fun time AT ALL! :(

  12. Did I mention the second tow truck driver drove back to Kenosha with the truck key?

  13. I don't know, Lisa, something tells me traffic court will not be the jolly good fun time it usually is.


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