Friday, April 10, 2009

Crisis Averted

Fetching my nephew Guido and his friend Io home for Easter gave me the opportunity to drag their baggy pants wearing, boxers hanging out arses through Boo and The Baraboo Candy Company.

That gave me the opportunity to find out if the lack of Claws locally meant the end of Badger Claws everywhere.
No, no it doesn't. Stay tuned for an update after Easter.
(Is this thing on? Does anyone care that the Badger Claw was an endangered species for a day?)
They have other stuff too.

Gummi Army Guys
Easter Cow Pie
Penny Candy
Gummy EarthwormsYou can bet you'll see more of those Earthworms later.
[Not pictured, but eaten, Pecan Puddles, the best of the best]


  1. I squeed through this entire post. Cow pies! Hot dogs! Earthworms?

    I'll take a hot dog, please.

  2. I am eagerly anticipating a post on these badger claws ... you have mentioned them a few times on CM over the last year or so!I just want to see what they look like :)


  3. I recommend the Pecan Puddles (if you like turtles).
    The cinnamon Hot Dog bubble gum is truly a classic, A.
    Click on the penny candy and Jelly Belly pic to enlarge if you want to squee some more.
    Nice word btw.

  4. Hey Jim, there's a shot of one in a review I did a while back, but it's not a great photo.
    They're white chocolate, so not something I get for myself very often, especially since the gas station/convenience store down the street apparently stopped carrying them.
    Interesting how the distribution company seemed to drop the ball on this and the people who make them seem to have had enough.

  5. Me hot for "Cow Pie"!

  6. Maybe if you're a good little Redneck I'll send you some. Or you can order them from the Baraboo Candy Company (link on Web site).
    How did you get on with the fish, or didn't that happen yet.

  7. I love the Cowpie store in Baraboo, WI! :)

    By the way, since you're such a candy lover, check out the "Peep Show" on my blog when you get a chance. *smiles*

  8. Easter Cow Pies? Who knew! Glad the Badger Claws are safe. :)

  9. You are the only and undisputed authority on badger claws on the whole entire web. Google badger claw candy and you are the number one pick.

    I had to go--wow at the cow pies, but the thing that caught my eye were the earthworms and army men. Very Frank Herbet and Dune-like. Think of what you could do with gummy earth worms, lol...

  10. Will do, Miss H. I downed a whole pack about a month ago and have only been able to eat one more since.

  11. Me too, Lisa.

  12. Hahahaha, did you know how much I love the Dune books (although Soul Catcher is my fav FH. That moody Washington thing again)?
    So the thing w/your package, I've been told if it gets to you then the FAA has dropped the ball on Homeland Security and we're all f*^@-.
    On the other hand, it will suck if it comes back to me next week and I can not imagine the state of the chocolate.
    Expect a smaller envelope soon either way.
    Gonna do a better claw post next week I think.
    Am digging the idea of a giant earthworm with a little Kyle McLaughlin on its back.


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