Sunday, April 05, 2009

Maybe I'll Announce The Winners Before Monday

Almond M&Ms
I changed out of my jammies and into my Easter bonnet just to thank everyone for playing the M&M's Word Verification game. Okay, I didn't do that, but cousin Rita did in the photo below.
You came up with some good ones, but Jodi and Lisa won, deal with it. They're getting whatever hasn't already been eaten as soon as I get around to sending it. Do I know how to throw a contest or what.

Rita, Chris, Beesh,Toni,Jeanna, Kathy, Patrick
Lisa (Lisa's Chaos) won for:
My sponge screisols on the glass as I try to get it clean, dang Mud!
She's one helluva photographer, order her prints here.

Jodi (Will Work For Noodles) won for:
My ver is drosc, which almost sounds like Droste (okay, maybe not, but close, very close) and it's very hard to think of a word that works in a sentence (other than m&m's) that either begins or ends in "m".
She's one helluva writer, download her book or get it in print from Amazon.

Chris, Jeanna, KathyI also liked Chrissy's (Random Thoughts And Musings From The Island) :
Mmm...Mmmm...Mah dawg's name is Rosco but for this comment we'll call him Rosteo. He's one 'mazin dog-o. He luvs a good canoli or a wicked kringle. This stupid sentence has turned into a limerick gone awry. I'm gonna go now. Yes, I am.

Roscoe and Frisbee
Mommy Wizdom's: "More chiess please, monamie?"


Jill's (The Adventures of Lil Mouse)...
my word verification is maupeted, which I take to mean as 'what you get when you use a muppet as living room flooring--maupeted'
...was creative and disturbing.

Thanks to Teague who wrote:
Maybe I'll go to ritne to see the candy of a school marm.

M&Ms Easter chicksVerification words I'd like to introduce into the English language:
horch - half porch
ettjizzi - body fungus
skyted - nicked, snatched

jigrate - to dance like Elaine Benes
holog - miniature pre hologram technology
daygo (I kid you not) - the look you get when sated by Italian food

Almond M&M's and Easter Chick photos courtesy of Kevin at Weber Shandwick
Thanks to
Chocolate Snob for the Little Britain clip find


  1. I feel absolutely lucky. :) And Jill's still has me laughing! :) Thanx for the fun! And the linky love - now I'm going in search of maupeted for my floor. :)

  2. Aw, hail, where was I for this?

    Nevermind, nevermind. My loss.

    Those were pretty funny (and weird, I ain't gonna lie, I had to read them more than once and my brow was all furrowed). I like Jill's the best because it made me giggle the hardest.

  3. Muppets would make great flooring. They're furry, right? Or is that just Grover> *he's a muppet, I think* Nice shade of blue.

    Thank you, Jeanna. :)

  4. Digging the creepy icon, Lisa. Still think it's cool, still creeps me out.
    Poor muppet.

  5. Muppet violence, don't know, UH, thought it was a little Ed Geiney. There will be plenty more chances to play.

  6. No, thank you, Jodi. I think more mops than flooring.


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