Monday, June 22, 2009

Guest Blogger Heidi: WTF Candy - A Tour de Force of the Bizarre

Snowflake w/butterfly suckerSnowflake and Butterfly

I want to thank Jeanna for sending an assortment as bizarre as myself.

Exploding pig candyOne of the strangest things sampled was the pink package with pigs and explosives on it from Russia. This package held fruity, milky malted milk ball like candies, packed with a pop-rock like substance on the inside. It was an unusual combination that left the testers as excited as those cute explosive pigs.

Virus Sucker
We were also sent an assortment of suckers, the tastiest one being a "virus" flavored one. On the inside, was a face shaped sucker that when licked, bled from what appeared to be sores.
It reminded of all the kids in high school who had bad acne for some reason. The thought may be less than appetizing, but it was a funky sweet and sour mix of tongue lashing goodness.

Manita suckerThe manita was shaped like a hand and had "fin de tu problemas" (the end of your problems) embossed on it. I saved this one for myself and what do you know, all of my problems, like this candy have disappeared!Angry pig

DISH NOTE: No pigs were harmed in the posting of this entry.
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  1. From chocolate bacon to exploding pigs? When will the madness end?LOL!!!!
    I like the little uncivil looking angry pig pic.

  2. Exploding pigs, not just for Pink Floyd concerts anymore.
    He's not pleased that he could blow up real good.

  3. I love all of your little adornments. How do you do that?! XO

  4. I love YOUR little adornment, the kid is growing up, isn't he? Sniffle.

  5. Tee hee! LOVE this post! Bravo, Ms.M!

    BTW, I was also going to mention the adornments, Jeanna! Where did you find them all? OMG, you're like a virtual scrapblogger! LOL!

  6. The clip art was free and supposedly okay to use. You'd be surprised how much public domain pig art there is.
    For yours I added a White Heim candy bar from one of my photos to the white angel graphic.
    I made the letters in Photoshop, trying to keep in mind a color scheme that said kids, candy, and pigs for H.
    (The smaller letters of course are just the largest size in Blogger.)
    The frames I do in Photosshop since they never worked in Blogger and I can get a little more creative. I tried to match the Masala photo in yours with the color and look I've seen in your photo frames while coordinating with the photo, for instance.
    Sorry you asked, LOL?
    I think I found a great t-shirt idea for you—are you sure you're not pregnant?

  7. That's crazy candy! Jeanna, where do you find this stuff? Heidi, awesome job. :)

  8. Hey, J., got it from the All Candy Expo in Chicago. Wish I would have spent more time there, but my bag and back were breaking from all the candy.

  9. okay... that tshirt you mentioned makes me wish i was(lactating). Ha! I would venture to say I'm cow-like.

  10. Oh you are not and even if you were I'm sure you'd carry it better than anyone in Wazoo, H.


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