Sunday, June 28, 2009

Catching Up

Rhythm & Boom waterfall fireworks
Last week on The Dish

Nanci was at Brat Fest I was in Burlington teenagers were skulking on park benches Guido and Vince were eating chocolate covered bacon and chili suckers.

Karla Jilotes suckerWhile Andy tried his chili sucker, Vince's Dulces Karla Jilotes Grande Chile never touched the inside of his mouth, and he claims to like spicy food.
It's just as well according to this article from the wire on lead in Mexican candy. Wish I would have been armed with that little tidbit before I hit The Expo. Take a whirl around the Food and Drug Administration Web site and you may never eat again.

Sour SuckerA sucker dipped in sour lemon powder

Oh don't feel sorry for him, if you only knew; not too long ago he was grabbing my purse and dumping its contents on the floor of the Cub Foods check out line.

June HappensWhile I was lost in the month of May, June happened.
Who out there would buy a dairy cow t-shirt that said, "Kiss Me, I'm Lactating?"

Jermaine DyeOne of the most exciting things this June was when the White Sox came to Miller Park and properly spanked the Brewers. Twice.
NOTE to the unattractive man in the second row left of the visitor's dug out: Chill the f*&@ out, I have a point and shoot camera without a telephoto lens and I will obstruct your view of J.D.'s butt for a full 1.3 seconds while I take his picture.

Fireworks streakThe very end of June means the Largest Firework's Display in the Midwest, Rhythm and Booms.
This is what said about it:

Rhythm & Booms is Madison, Wisconsin's premier Independence Day Celebration and fireworks display. As the "largest fireworks display in the Midwest", it easily surpasses other fireworks events in Chicago, Minneapolis and Milwaukee because of the length of the show (approximately 35 minutes), the number of shells fired (15,000) during the show, and the size of its annual budget. It is the largest single-day event in Wisconsin.

Warner Park ablazeTake that Chicago, Minneapolis, and Milwaukee.
The very end of June means not venturing too far from home for fear of running into a buzzing swarm of pyromaniacs and their ghastly hive of traffic.

Martian MadnessThe crowd seemed a little different this year

Rainy weather caused a cancellation and moved the fireworks from Saturday to Sunday. That allowed me to score a couple Mallards tickets, see the game, and nurse a cooler full of consumables that lasted until the last shell was shot and the last song was sung.

Little Vito and the TorpedoesLittle Vito and the Torpedoes vs. The Booze Brothers would be a great cage match

Weren't Little Vito and the Torpedoes in their late 20s and 30s when I was sneaking into the Shuffle Inn as a teenager? I say this with love. Hell, all I did was eat, drink, watch baseball, and pet dogs, and I was wiped out. You go, Little Vito and your Torpedoes.

Broken ferris wheelCable on this ferris wheel snapped while Madison's local news media ate funnel cake and cheese curds.
Everyone was all right, but somehow a policeman got caught up on one of the cars, dangled out of his seat, and dropped down to a freaked out kid a few cars below.
I got there while firemen were rigging cables to pull the cars down one at a time.

Ferris wheel fireworksI kept seeing crazy ferris wheels and carousels everywhere I looked.

Things I learned at this year's Rhythm & Booms:

handCable access and the Shopper Stopper can scoop the Madison news media

handNever ride ferris wheels or carousels

handDon't eat anything, ever

handOld rockers never die, they keep playing until you can take a left on Sherman Avenue


  1. I always talk about old rockers--like AC DC, and Def Leppard. C'mon--how many times do a bunch of sixty year old men got to strut their stuff in spandex and knee shorts before eighteen year old kids stop lining up for tickets?

    I missed the post on virus pops. Suckers that ooze, lol. :)

  2. A Chili sucker???Now that's just nasty!!!!
    Pyrotechnic taste buds or Death by jalapeno ?

  3. These guys may be even older. They played fifties music in the seventies at a famous local bar.
    I have to say they kept it up for hours, literally clearing out the park.

  4. It looked like a Guatemalan Insnaity Pepper on a stick.
    Yeah, not to mention the lead poisoning.

  5. ...literally clearing out the park.


  6. The first band, one almost as old but not nearly as good, literally cleared out that whole area of the park which we were unfortunately planted in front of for about 10 and a half hours. They sucked in the 80s, they suck today.
    Little Vito, however, is a decent band and they played us off. I refused to move until every bit of traffic cleared and I could take a left out of the park.
    We are talking legendary traffic jam of which I watched and felt superior to while Little Vito played on.

  7. I'm with you on the never ride ferris wheels or carousels thought, they scare me!

    Last time I got convinced to ride one, I went with my dad and he kept rocking the carriage to show how safe it was. For the record - It didn't convince me that they were safe!!!

  8. He kept rocking the carriage? Gasp. I used to be a daredevil, but that was before I really started to pay attention.
    That policeman got catapulted up to the top of the ferris wheel when he was helping rescue the riders. Wonder if he'll ever ride one.


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