Monday, June 15, 2009

Chocolate Covered Bacon

Chocolate covered bacon

quickly the days fly by when you're eating pork fat dipped in cocoa butter.
To recap Memorial Day: Nanci was at Bratfest, I was at ChocolateFest, teenagers were skulking on park benches, and Vince and Guido ate chocolate bacon.

VincenzoVincenzo is a good sport (except when it comes to Fantasy Football but we won't talk about that), although he drew the line at All Candy Expo Bertie Botts dog food flavored beans.
Roscoe, imprisoned on the inside looking out, seemed up for it—at one point he broke free, ran around in a circle, and sniffed the car for Frisbees and foodstuffs. I'm thinking his cousin, Cujo, may give it a go.
Vince ate the chocolate dipped bacon quickly, without sniffing, but was one and done after that. And there were so many other treats to try. I'm sure Lisa will be more adventurous.

Guido and chocolate baconWhen Andy was a baby Guido he made me eat Jelly Belly "cocktails" served from dirty pockets and sticky kid fingers. Don't feel too sorry for him, he owes me.

If the Photobucket video above doesn't load you can find it here, or here, if you prefer YouTube.
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  1. Chocolate coated bacon - oh my!

  2. Hey Cinabar, how've you been? It crossed my line of adventurous eating.

  3. Hi Jeanna..
    I'm well - and yourself?
    The chocolate bacon is really something!! Part of me really wants to try it - and part of me not so much!!!

  4. Holy Snap! The boys are all grown up already! I recall seeing pics of them from a Christmas post ages ago. Gah! Time flies!

    Chocolate covered bacon...Mmmmm...Makes me wanna barf! Who would have ever come up with a concoction like that? Better yet, who actually buys stuff like that? ;)

    Speaking of bacon, I don't know why I've been craving bacon, chickpeas, potatoes, and Bounty chocolate covered coconut! WEIRD!!! All I'm sayin' is that I'd better not be preggers again so soon after Little One's birth!!!

  5. OK, I was all for the chocolate bacon until I saw Andy eat it?
    Thanks for being the taste tester man.! Me thinks I'll pass.
    What's next chocolate covered sardines?

  6. i've tried one of these...

    can't say i'd buy another though.

  7. C'mon, Cinabar, you know you want to. You've got pork and chocolate across the pond, no?

  8. Andy is 19 and Vince, his cousin, not brother, turned 17 last winter.
    Vince and Bug are brothers, and both have grown like weeds.
    Andy is my nephew and has been tall for a few years. He was a big baby too.
    Hey, I buy stuff like that. It was the only thing besides lemonade I wanted to get.
    I love Bounty bars, do you have a lot of Brit candy up there, C.?
    What did you crave with L.O.?

  9. LOL, I don't blame you, Bon Bon, and it's gourmet chocolate bacon too. They didn't even pretend in Burlington. It seemed to be one of the best sellers at ChocolateFest.

  10. I'm sure they have those around somewhere, but here it's everything farm animal, chocolate, and cheese.
    I found something that seems made for you in the Dells yesterday, James. When's your birthday?

  11. Funny thing is that prior to the other day, I had NEVER eaten a Bounty bar in my life!!! I kid you not! All of a sudden I had this craving for coconut and chocolate! I made Hubby go out and get me a Bounty bar! WEIRD!

    I'm not least I don't think so! It's just weird though. Cravings, tiredness, nausea, crazy dreams...

    Maybe I've got the flu or something? LOL!

    Anyway, with LO I craved fresh pineapple, fresh strawberries, cherry yogourt (and ONLY cherry yogourt! All the other flavours made me throw up)! Oh, and I am not a big pizza person (I don't like crust), but with LO I craved Hawaiian pizza! Something about pizza with ham and pineapple made me hungry...and I was sick morning, noon and night with LO for the whole pregancy!

  12. I do remember you being sick and all the fruit and ~blech~ Hawaiian pizza. Aren't you a Mounds or Almond Joy fan? I can see you making coconut haystacks or macroons.
    Hey woman, stop making me hungry.
    I made the most delicious apple brats today. Got them from my fav meat store in New Glarus. I think you and John would approve.
    So fresh they were still oinking, or mooing, or bleating, who the hell knows, they were delicious.

  13. You found something that seems made for me in the Dells????
    Please tell me it's not the "Kiss me I'm lactating" T-shirt????

  14. I've already got an Obama T-shirt.

    Oh...the shame of it all!!!
    What could be worse? A Nancy Pelosi shirt?

  15. No, but I can talk to my pal, Omir, and he can make you one.

  16. Yes, I remember that post well. But you seem to forget (repeatedly) that I didn't back that racehorse.

    The little item I found for you was actually at the t-shirt shop, but not a t-shirt.


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