Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chrissy's Canadian Corner: Cranberry Raisinets

from Wisconsin, it's four different flavours of Pixy Stix, Harry Potter Drooble's Best Blowing Gum (turns your mouth blue), and *Craisinets.
When Jeanna asked who would like to review Cranberry Raisinets, I jumped at the opportunity. Who am I to refuse chocolate?

Little One and Raisinets
I almost didn't get my hands on them since Little One's pudgy little baby hands went straight for the package of milk chocolate covered cranberries.
Ooh, I had to rescue the lovely drool soaked packet.
First of all, I LOVE cranberries. I love Craisins®. I love chocolate as long as it's not too sweet and not too much. Cranberries + Chocolate = a match made in heaven, right?

100 Calorie Pack Cran RaisinetsWell the Raisinets sort of survived the trip across the border. They were pretty much in tact, but looked like bunny droppings by the time they arrived at my house.

Cran Raisinets Close UpHere's a close up for your viewing enjoyment.
See, they really do look like bunny poop. Hubby claims they look like deer droppings. Either way, don't let their appearance fool you.

Bite of RaisinetBrought to you by the famous Nestlé company are these tiny bundles of goodness.
I remember as a kid we'd get Nestlé Raisinets as a treat once in a while. I think my grandparents and mom would trick us into thinking we were having the real thing. I think most of the time they just got chocolate covered raisins from the Bulk Barn.
Anyway, chocolate or yogurt covered raisins were always a favourite of mine.
While I generally like Nestlé products, these weren't on the top of my list. The chocolate was good, but not stellar, and the cranberries were just okay.
Perhaps I've been a bit spoiled by having our local chocolatier, The Manitoulin Chocolate Works, so close by.
I have a confession, I am a chocolate snob. The Cranberry Raisinets get 3 out of 5 stars for me. Am I being too harsh?
Can't wait to test out the Harry Potter Drooble's gum, it's cotton candy bubble gum. The package claims that it turns your mouth blue.

*The Dish understands that Craisins® are trademarked by Ocean Spray. You'll have to forgive Chrissy, she's Canadian.


  1. You absolutely crack me up, C. Austin wants you to know that Drooble's does indeed turn your tongue blue.
    I can't believe she's nine months old. I tried to write on your wall twice today but FB was bound and determined to make my day a little less pleasant.
    I have to say I'd go with deer droppings.
    Man, it took FORever to get there. They actually told me that even if I paid the higher price, there was no guarantee if and when it'd get there. The American PO, you gotta love it.
    The Bulk Barn you say?

  2. I love the red Potter pops!

  3. HAHAHAHA!!! I knew Craisinets sounded wrong! Errrmmm...excuse me. I meant Cranberry Raisinets! LOL! It's just too long to have to say two entire words when making it into one word is far easier and faster.


    Thanks, Jeanna! T'was fun!!

  4. Holy smokes? I've been over to the Curtain instead of here????
    I've been missin'out on my favorite Canuck?

  5. That's what I was calling them, but I don't want to get caught between Ocean Spray and Nestlé, like anyone reads this blog...
    It is the logical and catchy choice.
    Thanks, C., I laughed all the way through your post.

  6. You're just looking for chicks with chainsaws, James.

  7. I should have some photos of the kids at Aunt Em's camper eating those, N.

  8. LOL! Just hopped over here after a very long absence. I miss The Dish! I haven't been able to visit and leave comments at any of my fave blogs lately. Right now, Little One is listening to opera (Filippa Giordano) and is happily entertaining herself so her mama can comment on Jeanna's blog!

    Jimbo...I miss you too!


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