Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lisa Returns For More


I happily tried Nestlé Cranberry Raisinets for the first time. I was a little unsure of this cran-raisin thing, but chocolate makes everything good, right?
To be honest, I do not like raisins covered in chocolate and I expected these would be the same, or nearly. I was very surprised that they were good.
The cranberry offered a nice little tang into the creamy chocolate and it was easy to gobble up the entire package. But at 100 calories, it’s a healthy snack, right?


The Gummy Earthworms had me puzzled momentarily. I wondered why there was only one to each package—then I decided it must be to keep them from breeding and exploding all over the place.


I tried to feed it to my new found friend. But the little guy wasn’t fooled one bit. So I pretended to be a bird and chewed it up myself — my son would not pretend to be a baby bird. Oh well, although it may be a little weird to be eating a worm, it tasted like most gummy candies, pure chewy sugar. Maybe I should pick up a few for the next time I feel like telling someone to leave me alone and go eat a worm.


I’m a big fan of strawberry flavored hard candy so I eagerly ripped into the Harry Potter Blood Pops. Since there’s five in the package I shared one with Haden and my grandson, Tristan.


Tristan’s parents were actually out seeing the newest Harry Potter while we were enjoying our treat. When I saw all the red on his face I got a little concerned, I feared his parents were going to be angry.


But, the greatest thing happened, as soon as he played in the sprinkler a little, the red vanished. No soap needed, it easily washed away and by the time they returned there was no evidence. Now, if I could just get it off my keyboard—jk!


Adrianna felt a little left out since we didn’t share anything with her. She wonders if any baby candy exists, lol.


  1. Baby candy, hmm, I think that's called breast milk.
    Okay, since Facebook let me back on momentarily, I did ask you about your actually chewing up that worm for the baby bird.
    I was one panic attack away from doing that myself last year.
    Love the red contrasted on Tristan's face. Glad you two didn't get in trouble. The Duck Creek kids loved those blood pops, and when I left them they were a blue (HP bubble gum) and red mess.

  2. Lisa always takes such great photos!

  3. I love how her grandson looks like a little vampire.

  4. It looks like real blood. Very cool. And I love the name Tristan. :)

    for some reason my word ver is "sneaker". That's just weird.

  5. Blood Pops look ace... glad it all washed off though! I must try and locate some for Halloween!

  6. They're great fun, Cinabar.

  7. Cute photo's! Interesting and cool blog you have! Congrats on the Foodie Blogroll!

  8. Jesus christ woman?????? I've seen huricane Katrina victims get back up and running faster than you????
    Get you a double s in gear will ya?

  9. Wordpress won't let me leave a comment on the Curtain???

    Come on Jeanna...get back to the grind!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Wordpress want's me to log in, and blogger wants to moderate me?????
    What's a redneck to do?????

  11. Guess I'll have to pester you at "Facefork"??????

  12. Wordpress had about 300 pieces of spam for me to chuck out, so I'm still working on it.
    Damn son, I've got three blogs and a Web site.


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