Monday, August 03, 2009

We Have A Winner

Actually we have three winners, and photos from one.

Diamondwanted everyone to know she followed the Eat Candy Win Stuff (and go out and play) contest rules, and only used things she found in her kitchen to make the following recipe:

Taco CrunchChopped Onions, Tomatoes, and Cheese with Nestlé Crunch candy bars. Can be eaten together or separately on a plate. Yum.

Although chocolate cheese is not so uncommon around here, Diamond's recipe does sound like something from the Rachel cooks episode of Friends.

Justin and DiamondTo make her the perfect winner, Diamond is very active and loves to play. Although Barbies is her favorite, playing with her little brother, swimming, and building elaborate sand structures with the Duck Creek kids are high on her list of things to do.

Milk Chocolate Cranberry RaisinetesBrooke and Aunt Em scarfed up most of the Cranberry Raisinets

Thanks to Nestlé for the Cause for Play toy sets.

Up next: More Madtown Munchies, Nestlé Cranberry Raisinetes, and a Duck Creek candy panel.
Everyone fought over the new Raisinets and those who got some, mostly Aunt Em and Brooke, loved them. They're good, yes they are.


  1. wow, Diamond is creative with a capital "c". I'm still not sure how I feel about nestle crunch and cheese, but it sure made me stop and think. :)

  2. She's cute!!! I have candy - will be working on it tonight or tomorrow and you will have it from me no later than tomorrow.

  3. Hey Jodi, thanks for the booty, I mean stolen treasures. I noticed one of the hunks shaved his armpits. I could get used to that. Let them see what it's like for a change. Is this the trend in cover hunk body hair?

  4. Cool, Lisa, and thanks for stopping by the Curtain.
    Now that I've worked out most of the technical crap I can no longer stand to be at this computer to write the copy.
    Did I tell you I got so frustrated at things not working that I bit off all my finger nails and broke a tooth?

  5. You bit off all your fingernails and broke a tooth??

    You're welcome, I thought you'd think it was cheesy--I mean, cool. Men look good hairless from the neck..uhm, to lower chest. I don't think I've seen anyone hairy for years.

  6. I did and had to wait well over three hours to get it fixed (meanwhile calling every dental office in the city while loudly complaining how long I'd been waiting).

    Pit hair really grosses me out no matter how GOOD looking they are. And you can keep any manner of back hair thank you very much. And very light chest hair—has the media done this to us?

  7. I am a little reluctant to try Diamonds recipe. Perhaps it's the onions that would make me cry, or something like that.

  8. Don't blame you, Dells. I think the whole thing might bring you to tears.

  9. Hey Jeanna! Finally got the Craisinets! :) Sending you my review.

    Boy, is Diamond ever cute!!! What a heartbreaker she's going to be!

  10. Just reviewed the Craisinets. Sent you a copy via e-mail :)

    BTW, word ver today is an actual word! "LEAKS"! Hmmmm...which reminds me, I think it's time to change Little One's diaper...

  11. It was hilarious, C. I can just hear you two discussing which kind of wild animal droppings they look like. I'm sure Oglivy PR loved that, lol.

  12. Ur right about Diamond, and she's Miss Independence too.


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