Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kiss This

Not one to do a lot of toadying, I like the idea of chocolate hanging off my body instead of permanently glued to my arse, so I'm going to post a little something about Hershey's Kiss Jewelry.

Silver Kiss Jewelry PendantI like the looks of it and think it would make a good gift for someone's Sweet Sixteen. See the Hershey's website linked above for more info.

We used to draw up posters and cover them with candy for a girl's sixteenth birthday in high school. Then we'd put them (the posters, not our friends) on their locker for people to sign. There wasn't much more than a Smarties or two left at the end of the day. I'm not sure what the guys did besides eat our candy. There's no subtext in that. I'm sure it involved Old Milwaukee and Mad Dog 20/20.

Thanks to the Now and Zen Group for the pendant image


  1. I never heard back from the Now and Zen Group, do you think it was the title?
    I actually do like this necklace, C., except I don't wear necklaces anymore. Just one more age related quirk I think.


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