Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Like Butter

Irish StrudelI tend to buzz around sugar more often than something fried and phallic dipped in butter, but being one of the many questionable "Irish" food offerings at this year's Irish Fest, take a look at this:

TwistsFried Bread Steeped in Butter

The Twists (Brit slang for "girl" which I find ironic), were available in Cinnamon, Lemon, Plain and Salt by the time we got there. I'm willing to bet there were some stuffed with cheese that sold out.
Why not, the Big Kitchen Banger Platter was served with nine, yes nine sausages, the beef was glazed with Guinness, and there was ale in the pancakes.
All six of us had Koepsell's popcorn, my nephew Joey had a questionably Irish corned beef on marble rye, and I had a veggie egg roll.
Not only was Mader's boldly flying faded Irish colors in the Cultural Village, but the sign that screamed "Irish Egg Rolls" boasted that they were made with corned beef cabbage and, drum roll...cheese.
If you've ever been to or considered the idea of Irish Fest, you'll know it's not about the food, but the endless rhapsody of lovely Irish music. More about this and Milwaukee's Irish Fest on Behind The Cheddar Curtain this week.
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  1. Big Kitchen banger....lol!!!! I bet it was stuffed with sausage *dying here....*

  2. Big Kitchen Banger!!! lol--I just bet it was stuffed with sausage...

  3. What are you trying to say you insomniac? You and Springer are cracking me the hell up tonight!
    Do I need to ask about a scene ur writing involving sausages and banging in the kitchen?

  4. uhm...why yes, I am. :)

  5. Just found out there's a Klingon opera opening in Holland next month.


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