Friday, September 22, 2006

Black Jack Taffy

table of candyBlack Jack Taffy.
We've had a hard time finding our favorite candy around town over the years. But a note from Charis of twee & luliloo says they carry it. I guess we got side tracked by all those barrels of toothsome salt water taffies to notice.
All my kids, grandkids, and a few great-grandkids know about this taffy. This is the candy we hid around the house.
I was thrilled to spot it in a basket on the bulk candy table at B&B's in Montello.

A Few Places To Find It:
B&B's Country Store
twee & luliloo
Old Time Candy
The Great American Spice Company
The Candy Emporium
The Dish got a lovely note from Bryan Claesges of B&B's Country Store saying it took him about four years to find a distributor for real Black Jack Taffy.


  1. I remember pickles at 2609. My Madison cousins must have eaten all of the licorice and left me with the pickles.

  2. I have a few Black Jacks stashed under the coffee table.

  3. You share those with your cousin, young lady.


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