Thursday, September 14, 2006

Unwrapping The Candy Dish

pumpkin jelliesWhat's the first thing to get unwrapped in your new place? Okay, after the stereo. And the t.v., and Playstation, yes, yes, and the computer.
What's the fifth thing to get unwrapped after you've moved into your new place? What do you mean juice glasses? Just play along.
That's right, the candy dish. More precisely, the Wisconsin Candy Dish. Think barely news, curds, and cows.
So grab yourself a handful of gummy eyeballs--yes I have, there are some sitting on the counter right now--and take a trip around Wisconsin and beyond as the Wisconsin Candy Dish fills its pages with visits to local sweet shops, candy factories, original photos, low quality video, recipes, tidbits, and impulse buying.
Comments welcome, email answered eventually.


  1. Anonymous6:52 PM


  2. I too, am a lover of the coconutty Zagnut bar as you know, Violetb. IF that's your real name. Rachel.
    The search is on.


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