Thursday, September 28, 2006

Candy Jones First Response: Zagnuts

To the Zagnut loving Violet B.,

Have we perhaps met over a tall glass of root beer at the Madison Cracker Barrel Old Country Store located next to Slumberland at 2147 E. Springs Dr., (608) 242-0560? There's a wider selection of candy there than on The Cracker Barrel Online Store.
I'd call over to that Cracker Barrel if experiencing a Zagnut zazzle. Or stop by any gas station, particularly your basic PDQ, to spin the sugar wheel. (The Dish will be doing a Gas Station Candy Review in mid to late October.)
To order online, glance over at the sidebar to your right. All the Online Candy Stores listed there carry the rare Zag nut.
I'll keep an eye out for you. Well, not literally.
Meanwhile, have a look around The Candy Wrapper Museum.


  1. Thanks for the tips on Zagnuts, Candy. Now here is a hard one: cream filbert "snowballs" or "mothballs" My grandmother always had a stash of these on hand, in addition to the Beeman's gum in her purse.

    1. Also called "creme filberts". You can find them online, if you google that name.

  2. Violet,
    It sounds as if a trip to Twee and Luliloo's, across from the Overture Center, is in order. They had actual, real time sugar plum candy there, which is what this sounds a little like.
    The orginial sugar plums were a flavored boiled sweet, with a seed in the middle. I've also got a note out to the sugar experts at Candy Addict for you.
    Beeman's is plentiful.

  3. It's practically raining Beeman's.
    Try to get the brand name of granny's filbert balls, or call Chris at T&L with a description. A 411 to Bryan at B&Bs wouldn't hurt either.
    Have you checked out Copp's bulk candy? I'm addicted to their Tiramisu cordials. Tremendous.

  4. My daddy use to bring me Cream Filbert's when I was a little girl... they're still my favorite Candy.

    You can get them at the Vermont Country Store on line and many other products from the past.

  5. Thanks for the tip, awoman. I didn't notice them at the Vermont Country Store before, and after looking high and low, only found one reference to them in passing.
    I'm off to find some now!

  6. Anonymous3:48 PM

    you can also find them at 6.99/lbs 8.00/lbs 9.95/lbs

  7. Thanks, I was seeing them all over, especially hardware and convenience stores when I wrote this, but not so much now.


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