Thursday, September 28, 2006

Macy's Culinary Demo Cart

Some unknown force dragged my yellow Scion into the Hilldale parking lot over lunch hour today. I got sucked out of the car, dragged past Ben and Jerry's, Buddy Squirrels, then down the Macy's escalator--and Candy Jones hates escalators--toward the Gimbels, I mean Marshall Fields, I mean Macy's cafe.
And what to my wondering eyes should appear: A cooking demo cart in the batter laden hands of a culinary professional named Donna.
Donna wore a fetching black arpon and was making peanut butter cookies called Not Nutter Butters with a smart little KitchenAid and a Calphalon pan.
I was intrigued by her use of a skillet to melt butter, then split a vanilla bean, and toast oats before chilling the mixture.
Does heaven smell like Not Nutter Butters cookies?
Donna says she's typically there on a Sunday or Tuesday for six hour shifts, and there will be someone showing us how it's done at the demo cart five days a week.
There are recipes next to the cart. If you really want, I'll email this one to you.


  1. violetb6:55 PM

    i hate that macy's killed field's and all the other old regional stores.

  2. Does the little cooking demo cart have a stove, too? Wow, what a set up! But what is this lady selling? Did she have any pink kitchen tools?

  3. All the cookware like KitchenAid and Calphalon are to the right of the demo cart. I'm sure we can find you some pink kitchen tools.
    You can start online: (enter "pink" in the search) (click cookware)
    And of course (The Pink Place To Shop)


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