Tuesday, November 13, 2007

In The Dish: Sour Grapes

Bug Grape SprayOkay, so Nitronea Nanci has been telling me about sugar and acids you can spray directly on your teeth.
Candy sprays, according to someone at Walgreens (says Nanci) "take up less shelf space," so they like them. The 4 inch pump sprays don't exactly jump out at you, but apparently the kids like them as much as Walgreens.
Easy to hide during class and assemblies (take note kids) and can be sprayed on your hand for a lick later. Your dog will like that, well, maybe not judging from Roscoe's reaction (he smacked his lips like he was eating peanut butter and finally licked it off on the other dog).Stay tuned for an upcoming Dish Panel Review to see what delicious flavor (if you can't tell by the color and title) these lads are testing to elicit such sour expressions. Can you guess who said it was their "favorite" flavor?Bobby Sour Grape


  1. Anonymous6:17 AM

    "The other dog" has a name you know.

  2. Miss Vickers- Now that's some 'sour grapes'! :)

    I had no idea they made candy spray. Jeeeeezus. Sweet little furry lab rats!

  3. I guess getting licked in the eyeball will do that to you. She'll turn her back on you and let it be known that she's displeased.
    I've seen the drops and the goo, but didn't notice either; until my cuz kept telling me about it.

  4. I think my Bullie would lick her butt to get the taste out of her mouth! LOL!!!
    Hugs to the pups

  5. Hey Jimmy, those two are A dorable. Bullie is the smiling I'm going to say bulldog? How old is the Boston Terrier? Roscoe and Miss Vickers belong to Bug, our premier taste tester (in the Saints cap as an anti-Packer statement ).
    I can't say the grape spray tasted better than butt so maybe Bullie would have a point.

  6. Hi Jeanna, thanks for visiting Oz Tucker. Yeah. Went to the site of that person. One person. Clearly a case of have post will travel. Candy sprays! What will manufacturers think of next? Don't know if such a product is available in Oz. How many calories/kilojoules to the lick? But I'll bet they're not as much fun as Tim Tams.

    Blessings and bliss from Oz Tucker

  7. Hey Miss Eagle,
    One person, one post, but I bet there are a few spammers at work there. I'd also never seen someone use a link in a comment like that. I know I'm too lazy to use HTML.
    Let me know about that trade.


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