Friday, November 09, 2007

National Cookie Week

cookies chocolate cornucopiaThis is from last Thanksgiving's "vegetable" table. A chocolate cornucopia filled with more homemade chocolate from James J., decorated cookies from Scotts, and the mandatory vegie platter barely visable in the background.
I pulled out this photo because The Candy Dish got mail claiming that National Cookie Week is November 18-24. Another way for the company to hawk their wares, or seven more reasons to eat cookies?
I couldn't find anything backing up that claim, but here are a few other days, weeks, and months of interest:
National Candy Month (June), Bubble Gum Day, National Licorice Day, National Waffle Week, National Bundt Day, National Frozen Food Month (really?), National Fig Week, National Soul Food Month, National Fresh Breath Day, Solo Diners Eat Out Week, National Flossing Day, and why not, Diet Resolution Week.
They're all from the same calendar and sound more like one of those creative writing projects we got in high school: Write a short story in the first person using all of the above events. Actually, the person who writes the winning short story (or run on sentence) with all of the events from above will win a wonderful sugar item from an area shop.
Back to National Cookie Week...Here's a site that says October is National Cookie Month. The Topeka Capital-Journal agrees. So does the Food History Calendar. What do you think?
Note: That orange, yellow, and green frosting on top of the chocolate frosted turkeys are its feathers. The photo doesn't do them justice.


  1. Did you see the Halloween cookies my neighbor made me? OMG. They were so gorgeous. The Spiders were adorable but not the tastiest.

  2. Hi Ms. M.,
    I did see those cookies and they were amazing. I used to make a pile for Christmas, but missed the last few years. What a LOT of work!

  3. cookie lady2:41 PM

    The oddest thing happened to me last National Candy month, the kids still had bubble gum stuck in their hair from Bubble Gum Day and the dog was sniffing around for more licorice, but all I wanted was waffles, even though the smell of fresh bundt cakes filled our kitchen and grandpa refused to eat anything but frozen dinners and figs while watching reruns of Matlock, our neighbor who runs the Soul Food Shack down the way reminded us that it was National Fresh Breath Day as well as National Candy Month and maybe we better combine the two since even the solo Soul Shack Diners were talking about our household halitosis even though they were eating alone and talking to no one in particular, so we ate peppermints and root beer barrels and cinnamon discs until our bad breath was cured and all we had left to do was brush and floss and resolve to go on diets.

  4. As your page loaded, all I could do was go, "oooooo...." You have great priorities. PUT that veggie platter in the background...

  5. Brava Cookie Lady!
    Hey Jodi, this year I was told we couldn't have anything but a vegie platter since we're going to my sister's house and they "are all on diets." Buzz kills.

  6. yum, I live in Belgium so it's chocolate Day every day really! HAHA Oh the chocs and cookies look so good! you make me hungry.

    Thanks for the tip on the spam message, you can't escape them anywhere can you?


  7. Hey Bev, no you can't seem to escape the spammers, but you can delete their sorry butts.
    Living in the land of chocolate, sigh.


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