Friday, November 16, 2007

In Honor of Cookie Week

macaroonIn honor of National Cookie Week (beginning in two days), here's a photo I wish Carol from Perth (that's Australia you cheds) could Willy Wonka me from her kitchen down under. This scrumptious specimen was made and photographed by Carol on her blog Oh For The Love Of Food!
I ran across the baker as I was doing what I do best, kvetching, in this case about a blog spammer to a few foodies. Is there a name for that? Spogger? Blammer?
But I mean look at this cookie! Yousa. I love macaroons, reminds me of the old man and a crunchy childhood.
Carol made them from a Veronica's Test Kitchen recipe―there are a LOT of talented bakers online. Their stuff is more like art than the dog food I burn in a cheap oven. Which reminds me, did anyone see Glen Close eating dog biscuits on a rerun of Conan? Hilarious. From personal experience I say avoid the doggie breath mints.


  1. Chevs? Kvetching? Gems of the Wisconsian dialect/language, Jeanna? You teach me Wisconsian and I'll teach you Strine.

    Blessings and bliss from Oz Tucker

  2. Strine? Is that saying Australian really fast with an Aussie accent?
    A ched is short for cheddar cheese because this is Wisconsin the land of cows and cheese and other fine dairy products. And fans of the professional American football team from this state wear blocks of foam cheese on their heads.
    Kvetching is from my Jewish friends, love of deli food, and maybe years of catering bar mitzvahs.

  3. Hi there Jeanna...absolutely scrupmtious! Up, close & delicious!! Love the idea of cookie week! Am gonna be doing a batch of christmas cookies soon...and am really looking forward to it!LOL

  4. Hey PB&B,
    I loved Carol's macaroons, and that Expresso cake is INcredible. Have you made those stained glass Christmas cookies? Let me know how your cookie making comes out. Would love to post any photos of your endeavors next week.

  5. your pictures are sup-erb!! I can almost eat it. Yummy...

  6. Hey Jodi,
    That's from Carol's Oh For The Love Of Food! blog. Isn't that a great shot! I love that she let me use it.

  7. Hi Jeanna,
    Did you bake some cookies too in honor of cookie week? This blog sure is sweet! ( I couldn't resist the pun HA!HA!) Cheers!

  8. Hey Carol!
    Well Cookie Week begins today, and
    I'm thinking about it. Probably a batch or two of turkey and pilgrim cookies. Or maybe extra fluffy peanut butter cookies or combining the two.


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