Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Farino Girls EasterFrom the Wisconsin Candy Dish.

VinceThe final vote was cast by one of our taste testers and judges, Vincenzo here, and...
Chrissy is the undisputed winner of the Find The Candy Contest.
All candies, with Vince's help, will be named this week. Chrissy will be receiving a lovely package of goodies in the very near future.
Shoot me an email, C.


  1. Woot! Woot! Okay, I am soooooooo excited! I actually thought the contest was "just for fun"! I didn't realize you were actually giving out a prize!!

    Happy Easter to you and your family, Jeanna!

    Sending off an e-mail to you now.

    P.S. Hope your Ma & Pa are doing well :)

  2. One more thing:
    LOVE the photo of you guys!

  3. Happy Easter!

    I'm old enough to hide my own eggs now!!!!!

    Hey, give us some help with the photo. Who's who?

    Are you the cute little bugger front and center?

  4. Congratulations, Chrissy!! (prizes are always good, lol)

    (you gotta sub-title the picture!!! Puh-lease....)

    Happy Easter :)

  5. I missed the boat with that candy contest dang it!

    Happy Easter!....I bet YOUR basket has all sorts of goodies in it, eh???? :)

  6. Hey girlfriend, you really went to town on the nostalgic candy, and I'm guessing, didn't take advantage of the hints I'd been dropping which would have pretty much given you the answers (searching for the post when I got the box o' sugar last May).
    Happy Easter to you two up on Green Acres! Got your email, will have to work on it when more time.
    That's one of my fav photos from one of my fav times, Easter in Linden Station with my sister and cousins. I'm the youngest one in front with the attitude.

  7. Happy Easter, my redneck friend! I am indeed the "cute" one with the matching raincoat. My sister hated that sort of thing, I of course being the youngest, loved it.
    Left to Right:
    Kathy (my older sis in yellow scarf), Christine (cousin), Rita Meter Maid (cousin), Toni (Christine's sister), and moi wanting to get back to my beer nuts and black cherry soda at the bar.

  8. Hi Jodi, Happy Belated Chocolate Egg Day to you. I'd probably call it "Beer Nuts."
    New icon?

  9. Hey Olga, I truly lost it with that box of Betsy Ann's which I've yet to review, so for me, not really.
    I am of course full of Cadbury eggs and some sort of marshmallow chocolate egg sans wrapper. And today I had to have a pack of Red Vines or perish.
    Don't worry, there will be plenty more, sorry I can't visit your wonderful blog and everyone elses, just no time to breath here at the mo'.

  10. no, it's my old icon. The real-me is my new icon. lol, it's my "Tris" picture...

  11. The many faces of Jodi. You should write a book, no, wait you have!


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