Wednesday, March 19, 2008


(Practically) Wordless Wednesday
As in I lost it when I got this four pound box of chocolates from Betsy Ann's and took a bite out of...let's just say many of them.
It was only the light of day which stopped me. Temporarily.
Yeah, the diet's going well.


  1. Hell fire makes me want to go out and buy a case right now!!!!!!

  2. OMG....that looks soooooooooooooo good!!!

  3. you mean...*gasp!* you're on a diet, and you're a choco-blogger?? Maybe you should skip the meat and stick with the chocolate, lol.

    The pecan chocolate looks really really good....*sigh*

  4. Hey Jimmy James, wish I could haul some of this stuff over to ya. Came home for an hour or so today to an open skylight—hey it was in the high 40s, I was wearing shorts—frozen and yet dripping snow, ice, snain. The kind of mess where you just close the window and walk away.

    Hey there C., You are the winner of the find the candy contest at this point, woman. Maybe I'll give Olga a little more time, but it looks like you blew 'em all away. Yeah, I was like Jack Lemon in "Lost Weekend" with this stuff. I feel so dirty.

    Jodi, woman, I'm closing in on a fi'ty lb. loss if that tells you the sad tale, but I agree, candy first, everything else last. Nah, but I do push other food items aside for these boxes of candy they keep sending me. The pecan chocolate was really, really, good. Hope all is well with you, I don't get more than a few hours at home lately, sick parents, one in the hospital.

    Take Care All.

  5. Here's praying for your sick parents. Hope they're better.

  6. Oh, Jeanna!
    Hoping your parents are okay. Thinking of you guys xoxo


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