Saturday, March 29, 2008

Candy Key

Box of Nostalgic CandyWhat is that thing?
Fair question, it's the original birthday box of nostalgic candy my sister, the one who didn't want candy in her house last Christmas, HA, sent me for my ~muffled~ eth birthday.
It's also a candy key to the Find The Candy Contest.
Let's take a closer look, shall we.
Going from my version of from top to bottom:
•Mallo Cups
•Butterscotch Button
•Planter's Peanut Bar
•Indian Brand Pumpkin Seeds
•Teaberry Gum
•Cinnamon Hot Dog! two pack
•Black Jack Taffy
•Butter Rum Life Savers
•Bubble Gum Cigar
•Bob's Sweet Stripes
•Candy Necklace
•Strawberry BB Bat
•Brach's Jelly Nougat
•Sen Sen
•Honeycombed Peanuts
•Strawberry Kits
•Real Candy Cigs (none of those bogus candy sticks)
•Charms Pop
•Boston Baked Beans
•Black Licorice Smith Brothers Cough Drops
•Now & Laters
•Sugar Daddy
•Candy Buttons
And that's just what's peaking out of the top layer.
Note: The Walnettos were buried.


  1. I don't see the honeycombed peanuts and walnetto's and *wah*, I want to see them...

    But that sure is a lot of candy--I'm thinking it's just the corner of a wrapper

  2. Real Candy Cigs!! Gah! I said Chocolate Cigs. I wanted to say Bubble Gum Cigar, Jujubes and Fizzies, but I didn't see them in the photo.

    Great contest, J!

  3. What about what bars?

  4. Hi Jodi, the honeycombed peanut is the peanut shaped piece of hard candy in the yellow-orange wrapper between the Fizzie and candy necklace at the bottom of the box.
    And good eye on the Walnetto, back on my own computer, I think it's either a hand wrapped caramel or another Jelly Nougat between the Fizzie and the honeycombed peanut.
    I was surrounded by dogs, testosterone, Bloody Mary's, and March Madness when I wrote this last night.
    Mea culpa.

  5. Good job though, C. How do you feel about Tootsie Pop Drops?

  6. The Sky Bar, Eamon? Lots of stuff under this layer.

  7. OMG!!! Tootsie Pop Drops!?!?!?!?! I haven't had those since I was a kid! LOVE them. I am saddened that much of the candy we grew up with has been discontinued. There's something so very nostalgic about classic candies from when you were a kid.

    Do you remember those Gold Mine rock gum thingies? They came in a little white bag with lots of little pieces of "gold" in them? The gum wasn't that bad, but it sort of disintegrated in your mouth after a while. We kept buying them though!

    What's the name of that lollipop candy that had a whistle? You know...the one that you blew into and there was a stick that you could control the sounds of the whistle?

    I remember always getting those Popeye candy cigarettes. I don't think I liked them so much, but I tried always got them because my mom smoked (and still does) cigarettes. As a kid, I always thought she looked so elegant with her cigarettes. I pretended to smoke with those Popeye smokes. LOL!

    Sorry for rambling Whenever I visit your blog, I always go crazy talking about childhood candies!

  8. Pretty much, little bra, pretty much.

  9. Hey C., So glad someone remembers the Tootsie Pop Drops! Thought I had been hallucinating my childhood, which although likely, turns out to have been real.
    I see those nuggets hither and yon, they cost a dime in the day and were considered a rich kid's bubble gum. They were somewhere in that candy box. Whistle Pops, got sick on them in college while washing them down with Cuervo and Beck's Dark. You can still get them.
    I liked the bubble gum cigs cuz you could make them "smoke" by scratching the ends.


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