Wednesday, March 12, 2008

PWW: Find The Candy Contest

(Practically) Wordless Wednesday
Name at least 30 nostalgic goodies (I count 33) by piecing together the box of nostalgic candy from this photo and the three photos below, and WIN...something. Candy I'd venture.


  1. Dang Jeanna - I'm gonna need to call in the reinforcments (my kids)....will get back to ya when school gets out! :)

  2. Oh yum! Looks delish!

  3. Hey Olga, there are two I'm not all that sure about, but since I know where they came from, think I can figure it out.
    Big Hint: I mentioned this box of candy a few weeks after I got it for my birthday. It reminded me of something from LOST.
    Hope the kids know a little something about nostalgic candy.

  4. Hey Serenity, great photos, it's hard to imagine such beauty. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Glad you told us. I was going to guess 'an undetermined number of movie candy leftovers' that were almost ancient.
    The top photo was one I took this Sunday at the City of Houston Herman Park Japanese Gardens.
    The bottom I took Monday evening after the rains from my back porch. The sun had just came out to illuminate the red-leafed tree.
    Happy WW!

  6. Hey Jim, go ahead guess, just gave everyone a very big hint. And since they're the candy of my childhood they ARE ancient.
    Those are some nice photos you took.

  7. I finally see a candy I really like!!!!YAY!!!!
    I haven't had a ZERO bar in a long time! That would be good with a NewCastle!
    Chrissy & John are back!!!!YAY!!!

  8. I am totally mezmerized by this photo, so much so that I find it impossible to count. And I really did want to win that something!!!!

  9. Most of the stuff I don't recognize... probably because I've been in North America for only seven years. Very tempting picture, though!

    Thanks for dropping by, have a great WW!

  10. Zero would be good with a Newcastle, James. But I do recall an incident involving Cuervo, Beck's Dark, and several pieces of imported candy...
    Yay, lots of photos. I think somebody should have shipped them some sun block.

  11. Chops, follow the clue, and you'll get quite a few. I love that bacon link, especially since it led to a sausage football.

  12. Hola, Gabriel. You probably wouldn't recognize a lot of the candy unless you were a kid in the seventies.
    I love that you have a bilingual blog. What culture shock you must have gone through.

  13. Mallo Cups! I love those. Oops, I just gained 5 pounds.

  14. Sadly, homework & American Idol won out over identifying your "ancient" candy for my kids last night...little buggers...will aim for later today...

  15. I love those creme filled cups too, Willthink, very hard to resist. I feel as if I gained ten from those chocolate Easter eggs last week. Still working them off.

  16. Speaking of creme filled cups, hey there Olga. I guess it's about time to start watching Idol if they're down to the top ten or eight.

  17. *wah* you have Boston baked beans, but you don't have C. Howards violet candies??

  18. Good eye Jodi, you could expect to see them in such a package. On the other hand, I'm convinced someone looked into several little white bags from my childhood and came up this box o' candy.
    BBB, blech, my friend who ate sardines, baking soda, and tinfoil ate those.
    Double blech.

  19. I love chocolate and I wanna win but you're over my head. I was a child of the seventies too. I don't see any junior mints there.

  20. Could it be Zagnuts? No, not in a box. How about Whoppers?

  21. Zagnuts is definitely in three of those photos. Hmmm, cold, hot, warm?

  22. Yes Liser, Zagnuts, a definite personal fav, and indeed a bag of Whoppers were in the Magic Box.
    Not a Junior Mint fan so it's just as well. But I did love the Peppermint Crunch Jr. Mints last Christmas. C'mon, with that photog's eye you could spot much sugar.

  23. Zagnuts is in two of the four photos. I'm impressed by your Whopper spotting.
    If you know when my birthday is, early May, you could find the post from that month which names quite a few of the treats my evil sister sent me.

  24. OMG! I used to LOVE those Butter Rum Lifesavers!!! Oh, and those juicy thingies in the waxy "bottles" were naaaaaaaaaaastaaaaaay!!! I don't know why we always bought them and thought that they were cool. Those little candies on the piece of paper...We used to pretend they were drugs. LOL!

    K, I'm gonna give it a go and see how many I can name:

    1. Lifesavers Butter Rum
    2. Charms Sweet Pops
    3. Original Smarties
    4. Candy Necklace
    5. Mallo Cups
    6. Caramel Pops
    7. Kits Strawberry Taffy
    8. Teaberry
    9. Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
    10. Zero Candy Bar
    11. Zagnuts
    12. Sixlets
    13. Fizzies
    14. Whoppers
    15. Pumpkin Seeds
    16. Chuckles
    17. Snaps
    18. Honeycombed Peanut candy
    19. Wax Bottle Candy
    20. Chocolate cigarettes??

    Errrrrrrrr...It's killing me that I know what some of those other ones are but I can't remember what they're called. K, I give up at 20. So, how did I do?

  25. Not chocolate cigs, and that caramel pop is a popular classic sucker, but you are sour airheads and shoulders above the rest. I think I'll wait until after Easter to make sure no one challenges you.

  26. LOL! Okay, I still have some time to figure out what the rest of them are then? I love me a good challenge! I am so miffed that the names of those classic childhood candies are on the tip of my tongue! I KNOW what they are because I've eaten them when I was a kid!

    Hope the Easter Bunny is good to you this year. Cadbury Mini Eggs...Mmmmmmmmmmmmm...

    P.S. I'll be back. I'm going to try to figure out what the names of the rest of those candies are!

  27. 20. Sky Bar
    21. Boston Baked Beans
    22. Hot Dogs
    23. Atomic Fire Balls
    24. Taffy
    25. Chick-o-Sticks
    26. Now & Laters

    GAH!!! Still not up to 30 yet...and you can name off 33 in one go? LOL!

    Oh man...My brother told me those icky candies on the piece of paper are called Candy Buttons!!! Seriously??? I had no idea! All I remember is pretending it was medicine. Didn't you have that Fisher Price doctor's kit when you were a kid? Those candies were a good accompaniment to the doctor's kit! LOL! That's what we used them for when we were kids. "Here, take this and call me in the morning!"

    On a totally different topic, did you know that we didn't used to get Nestle Crunch here in Canada for the longest time?? I remember every time we went to NY to visit family, we'd always stock up on all the cool cereal and candies that we could only get in the States and not in Canada! LOL! Now that we can get Nestle Crunch here, I hardly ever buy it. Odd.

    One last thing (I thought this would amuse you...or Jimbo). The word verification for this comment is: vajass. Okay, maybe I was the only one who thought that was funny.

  28. Hey All, sorry no time to even wipe my nose. You are the winner, C. Even Vincenzo who came up with two more than I did (with help) says you are the winner.
    Talk soon.


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