Saturday, June 07, 2008

Cow Gum From The Island

Cow Bubble GumWhat's dispensing from that cow's butt? Why it's blue raspberry bubble gum all the way from Manitoulin Island and the effervescent Chrissy.
From the Bubble Mania Barnyard collection, this little plastic bovine didn't produce stale gum or cut my tongue or cheeks. Not those cheeks, we have a strict one butt per post policy here at The Dish.
The bubble gum tape dispenser makes a lovely conversation piece, easily moved from place to place to drive home the point, "Hey, I'm chewing something I got from a cow's butt!"
Overwhelming craving for Babcock Ice Cream taking over every fiber of being.
Mmmooo, wonder what the School of Medicinnamon tastes like, syringes and spice? How does Pineapple Cake or Raspberry Cheesecake sound?
Yeah, pretty damn good.
Ice cream for breakfast, it's what does a body good.
Yes, I'm still on a diet.
To be continued...


  1. Great post Jeanna. I got one a those too!!!!!Thanks C!
    I don't see teeth marks on that gum yet?

  2. I bit off a chunk or two before Bug got hold of it. I'll post a photo or two.

  3. Dare I ask if it comes in other flavors?

  4. ...hey! I'm chewing something I got from a cows butt!

    I LOVE that line. :)

  5. You mean like cud or teet, Olga?

  6. C'mon, Jodi, you know you want to.

  7. Hey I see blue poo! What a cute cow and how appropriate!

    PS - Herrschners warehouse sale is coming up June 11th-15th if you're interested. :) Last year I got 10 bottles of paint for a buck, some scrapbooking papers books for 75cents and wow, just lots of stuff cheap. :)

    Gosh dang it, I'm not meaning to sound like a commercial. :(

  8. Yummy blue poo which Bug shoved in his mouth in entirety when I brought it over for a photo shoot.
    Looks like some great deals, Lisa, but I'm looking to get rid of things by the car load, still not knowing if I'm going to renew my lease.
    That would have been great last March when I was looking to decorate a trellis with various flowers (they can get pricey) and all weather plants. I knew once I got rid of my drafting table, the arts and crafts would have to wait indefinetly.

  9. I was thinking more like maybe yogurt? Or cheese?

  10. Cheese gum, you may have something there, Olga.

  11. tee heee...that is funny.and just did that chunk or two taste like???.oh and i love the dog, his coat is so shiney..beautiful!!

  12. Hi Zoe, it was blue raspberry.
    Roscoe says "Thank you." He is a little particular about his fur care products.

  13. i was trying to get a reading list for mexico and your book list is gonna go get a few of your favs...i like it here!

  14. Hey Zoe, I can barely get through a recipe these days. I'd love to be able to go somewhere and read an actual book. I just raked through my book shelf, poor thing, it looks necked.
    I like to look at the New York Times Best Seller List and see what I'm missing, hoping the guilt of not reading will duke it out with the guilt of reading.

  15. LOL! AWESOME!!!

    Thanks for the photo! I was so tempted to open it up before I sent it to you because I was curious to see just how that cow "dispensed" her gum! LOL!

  16. Hey C., I have a funny pic of Bug shoving the whole roll of bubble gum tape in his mouth. I'll have to include it in the next post.
    I've had a lot of fun with the Barnyard Bubble Maniac.
    Thanks, hon'!


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