Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Boom Chicka Boom

FireworksDoncha just love it?
A big, boomin' thanks to Lisa and the gang for an explosive Fun Monday.
P.S. Patti over by Candy Yum Yum! made a great gummi find.
PPP.SSsss. A Rhythm & Boom's smiley face to Manager Mom for her Blue Q candy link on Patti's post.


  1. Cool! How sweet is that! Thanks for being so quirky! ;)

  2. that is...kind of a "disturbing" gummi-find. Sort of like if they did those plasticized people over in gummi-format (and don't give the ideas!!)

    Jeanna--all writers, unless they're Nora Roberts, don't get paid enough. I think they know they can pay us piddly stuff because it's something we'd do for free, and they know it.

  3. I like that logo, LIsa. I was holdin' back, the sock was just the tip of the iceberg.

  4. Disturbing, but oh so cool, Jodi. Yeah, like those anatodolls, that's why I liked it.
    And we pretty much do do it for free.

  5. Thanks for the shout! I have 37 years experience of eating candy, so I am thrilled to be given some props by experts such as yourselves. :-)

  6. Great link, MM, happy to meet you and don't be a stranger.

  7. Love it! I can never capture a good fireworks shot! All the photos I ever take of fireworks end up looking like a blurry mess of lights. Bah!

  8. Hey C., I took several and made a collage out of the best ones. I was a little too far away to get the best shots. But got the smiley faces this year so I'm happy.

  9. Hey, Jeanna!
    Happy 4th! Hope you guys have a blast celebrating! xo

  10. Happy Fourth to you up der in "Little America."
    Will take photos of the festivities down at the farm.

  11. Duh? Smiley face? I had to take another look. LIB MR Smiley face.
    2 of em in the left hand corner.
    I would have never noticed if you hadn't mentioned it again in your comments.
    Happy Fourth!
    It's in the 90's down here and I just wanna stay inside under some cold a/c and make my own fireworks with the GF.
    I bet she could put a smiley face on me!!!!!!

  12. LOL! Jimbo, I was waiting for you to make a comment like that about the fireworks and the GF! ;) Now that's what I call "Boom Chicka Boom Boom"!

    Jeanna, "Little America"...that's nicer than what my buddy in Philly calls us! He always tells me that Canada is just another American State!! LOL! I know he's teasing me...sort of.

  13. You need a better ass monitor or younger eyes. I looked on a non Mac monitor and it comes up pretty dull. I'll see if I can make pics from last night brighter for you old man.
    Nineties, more like the fifities, har, har. Nah, not NC, really, is it?
    Were you a red, white, and blue neck yesterday?

  14. Well, I guess I always kinda sorta thought that. With all the trees and fishing and water and snow; thought of it as northern, Northern WI.
    I got that from The Simpsons, where I pretty much get all my world news. They call Florida "America's wang."

  15. Hey Olga, off the milk carton I see. More fireworks photos from last night coming.

  16. What a fun 4th! And I'm so jealous of your photos! Mine always end up looking like koosh balls.

  17. Hi Kelly,
    It's the take a lot use a few theory. Seems as if it's more up to the camera than me, but I've gotten lucky.


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