Saturday, July 05, 2008

*A Trip To Belleville

Farm fireworksA Happy Belated Birthday to America and cousin Mike.
(Remember the asterisk.)

MikeDeb, Mike, and the Belleville Olsons put on quite a spread this Fourth. There was plentya (yes, I'm just making up words now, and who's going to stop me, Jodi?) food, fun, and fireworks.
Those farm boys really know how to put on a show.

Bundt cake and fruitI made this platter in a Martha moment. The bundt almond pound cake is from Clasen's. I filled it with blueberries and surrounded it with blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, and more blueberries.

Alan bbqA farm boy will always man the grill. I think Nanci took this photo.

Amber chillaxin'Not everyone works as hard as Alan.

Amber objects"Chaaa, I ain't no Chihuahua, I was listening for rats."

Nanci says It wasn't all Spotted Cow and rat terriers. Dairy products were purchased while waiting for Aunt Sara (like Waiting for Godot with cheese) to show us a shortcut.

Paoli PubI discovered they had ice cream next door as I was about to walk into the shortcut, I mean bar. Old age and priorities. Peach Melba would make a good stripper name.

Cyndie Paoli"What the hell does that sign say? I am a little peckish."

Beast buffetThe kitty and puppy are the most disturbing, no? Then again, they are butterfly fed.

Connor,Amber,Camille"You going to the Beast Buffet, Camille?"
"Stupid Chihuahua."

Bree"Take this leash off me or I'll show you a beast buffet. You said something about playing frisbee—what else you got to do."

FireworksI'm required to say that there is a permit for these fireworks and that only qualified individuals should attempt to handle and light them off. Or at least put down your beer. It's easier to hold your cigarette that way.

ConnorSomewhere Smokey the bear weeps.

Belleville ground displayWe don't need no stinkin' telephoto lenses.

Keep Looking UpDid I mention Belleville, UFO Capital of the World, has it's own alien landing strip. I've yet to find it and have long since lost directions which I think I got from Dave Barry anyway.
Mike claims it's on his roof.

*What do you get when you give a UFO a tab of acid?


  1. We've been to Belleville a few times and never seen a UFO either. :)

    Looks like a great time! that's a mess of fireworks too. :)

  2. OMG, I thought the Beast Buffet was a restaurant! I was all set to do a road trip with Hops and Chops!

  3. Hi Lisa,
    Keep Looking Up.
    Why will no one tell me where the alien landing strip is?
    Those fireworks went on for at least 45 minutes.

  4. I did too, Patti. And I still have my doubts. I pictured all the beasts lined up waiting to be turned into a buffet. I can see Hops and Chops all over that one.

  5. umk...enter the fireworks challenge on jpg! XO

  6. Hey, do YOU know where the UFO landing strip in Belleville is, MM?

  7. --okay, I'll bite--what DO you get when you give a UFO a tab of acid??

    plentya funny, Jeanna. Hope you got to take that shortcut. ( a drink is always good after smoke inhalation :)

    beast buffet, lol

  8. Follow the asterisk, Jodi.
    The only smoke inhalation I got was from a cute blond and my atypically only slightly drunk cousin, so I was good.
    That bar looked mighty tasty, but the place with the ice cream was also the place with The Beast Buffet and I had to go.
    I would have been like a toothless old hound with a nylon bone at the bar; but I always thought bars were more for bullshit than booze so maybe it would have been okay.

  9. Ooooh-Oooooh!...I know!!! I trip to Belleville! ha-HA!
    Seriously, that looks like quite a trip Jeanna!

  10. If you visit in October, Olga, I'll take you to UFO Days.

  11. That pound cake has my mouth watering...yum! Like I haven't ate enough in the past week..arghhh!
    Thats all I have done!

  12. When it's from that particular European Bakery, Feathers, it's not your average grocery store pound cake.
    How you been?

  13. All of your fireworks photos are AWESOME!!!

  14. Hey Katabug, thanks. I have some pretty decent sparkler photos, but I can't save them as jpegs. Might be time to ask Lisa for help. Some of the more subtle ones looked like little UFOs.

  15. That was one impressive bundt cake. You should have said that you made it ALL yourself! ;p We would have totally believed you! LOVE the fresh berries. Mmmm...berries!!!

    Wow! That's a helluva lotta fireworks, sista! (I can make words up too!)

    Glad y'all had a grand 'ol time! XO

  16. Hey Momma C.,
    I haven't made a cake for some time, if I had an appreciative recipient I probably would. But not in the summer.
    Yeah those fireworks went on for at least 45 minutes, probably more.
    It let the UFOs know where we are.
    You still on the fruit kick? I ate an entire bag of baked cheddar Ruffles in a few sittings. Salt and sugar are my masters these days.

  17. I'm sure it's not your average pound cake, it sure looks yummy too!
    I have been good, just busy with all the gardening and the holiday but I think things are calming down...(TG)

  18. My so called garden looks a little wilty lately, Feathers. The stuff I thought was corn does anyway. It must be a weed or it wouldn't have survived under my care this long.
    That European bakery is kind of funny as far as having a lot of stuff only old people like. My parents for instance, love this apricot, hazelnut, marzipan joy-joy creation they make.

  19. I found a surprising temporary cure for my nausea. My Mom said that sour candies used to help her. She got me a bag of Maynard's Sour Patch Kids. They seem to be doing the trick!

  20. Surprisingly, those Burger King Fries that you sent me worked well in preventing nausea AND they were among the only things I can keep down. Strange, eh?

    I've got a few funny UFO stories to tell you, but you'd never believe me! ;p No drugs or alcohol were involved. At least, I don't remember if they were!

  21. Woo Hoo! One of my favs. Cybele wrote about some organic sour gummi type candy, maybe that would be good too.
    Burger King Fries and Ketchup? Yuk, I just thought it was funny, but if it works it works. Weird stuff. Glad your tummy is taking a little bit of time off the sick train.
    Well I remember some pretty cool ghost stories from you, C.
    I keep picturing you looking like the police chief in Fargo. Eh?

  22. hey jeanna!!!...i finally got back over here...i was gonna com for happy hour but it's you have any tea??...

    wow what a great looking day...your family is way cool..the food omg!! and the fire works oh yeah....your blog is awesome girl!!

  23. LOL Jeanna, So you have been watering the weeds...too funny!
    That European bakery sounds like my kinda place. Nothing like a delish pastry and a cup of coffee!!
    Apricot and hazelnut sounds great! We have pastry shops here but I bet they wouldn't compare to this place.

  24. I have plenty of tea, Zoe—caff or decaffe? Those farmers can do wonders with a few thousand dollars worth of fire works and some meat.

  25. Feathers, I should take photos. This morning I was actually out there because my obnoxious loud mouth chain smoking neighbor is gone for a few days.
    I wasn't watering them till today and I thought it kind of funny I was weeding the weeds too. I should take photos.
    Clausen's is a German bakery better than some places in Milwaukee, which says volumes. I love their bread and beinenste—uh, I can't spell it, but I did come across this sight which has a lot of that type of bakery (too lazy to link).

  26. I think you should absolutely take photo's, it would make a great
    I picked 7 cucumber's today and 4 squash, I need to take the hoe back there and get rid of some weeds myself before they get too bad!
    I love the smell of fresh baked bread so that place would not be good for me,,,LOL

  27. Morning Feathers,
    I guess it's not too early for cukes, but squash? Yum. I may do a little photo post asking to name whatever the hell is in my "garden," because I don't really know.
    Clausen's doesn't really smell like bread when I go in there, and it's on the expensive side.
    However, it reeks o' bakery where I work out. Wahhhh!

  28. Anonymous12:47 AM

    Just so you know, the Beast Buffet is awesome!!! Its the one and only place to buy food for your pets!!!

    _*Buy Local! Drink YOKEL!*_


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