Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Movie Candy: Dots Elements

De Fence DotsDOTS Elements are gummi, yummy Dots aimed mostly at adult taste buds. I think Tootsie should have called them Earth, Wind, & Fire Dots with retro packaging and a disco ad campaign. And why hasn't someone, Great Britain, come up with a candy for heavy drinkers called Sots?

Green Tea DotsI only found three of the four elements, Air, Fire, and Water, but love the Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Dirt Beans. *The three flavors are Wintergreen (Air), Cinnamon (Fire), and Green Tea (Water, pictured above). Vince and I loved the gentle bite of the Cinnamon Fire, but Bug craved the Water. Please remember to hydrate in this weather. The little Water Bug ate all the Green Tea before Vince got to them.

Stealing baseIt was weird that Bug liked the flavor most aimed at adults—you'd think he'd prefer Air judging from this photo. Then again that's Bug's nature, as it is the nature of the Dot to live outside the box, at a Little League playoff game, or on a dog's head.

Red DotRoscoe also enjoyed the Cinnamon, showing a preference for flavors which fell into his mouth.
The Wintergreen were reminiscent of Hot Tamales Ice and the Cinnamon reminded me of the inside of an original Hot Tamale or a Red Hot Dollar.

Dot Worthy Movies
Fire DotThe Incredible Hulk
I lost my wallet right before before the movie started, then missed the beginning. I spent fifteen minutes wondering what the hell is wrong with me, and another 90 wondering if the loud mouthed tools in the back realized they had left the mall. I liked it better before Norton turned into the Hulk. Fun nod to Iron Man at the end. What's with casting talented actors as comic book heroes?

Air Dot w/beeRoman de Gare
Three words: It was French. Just throwing green Jujys. It was the best movie I've seen this summer. Nitro N. and I saw it in one of those fancy schmancy Robert Redford theaters (located in either San Francisco or Madison, WI—can that be right?). Nanci thought the French actors needed better dental care, and the guy behind us farted. Other than that, maybe if the projectionists smoked a little less weed and people stayed in their damn seats instead of planting themselves directly behind me, it would have been a more enjoyable movie going experience. I'm thinking of taking an anger management class.

*Candy Post Script: Cybele dug up an DOTS Elements Earth flavor over at Candyblog. Check it out.


  1. I think the cinnamon goes better with Roscoe's fur. :) Is that a bug on Air? I'm assuming air is blue as water is green tea and that would make it green right? Or, well water is blue so maybe green tea flavor is in blu dots? How about that air being green? Ew, that's a lotta pollution or pollen or whatever.

    Ok, I'm done. Sorry. :(

  2. Hey Lisa, that is indeed a flying insect attracted to the blue (Air) Dot. Good eye as they say in Little League.

  3. And although he looks quite handsome in his blue collar, I agree with you about the Cinnamon.

  4. I spewed diet pepsi all over my keyboard and had to turn it upside down in the sink when I read about the guy farting behind you.

    lol, green tea Dots. They're so pretty...and green-tea-y looking.

  5. Diet Pepsi will be the death of you yet, Jodi.
    And he kept putting his foot on the seat next to me. I'm surprised he didn't lift a leg and mark the entire row.
    Didn't care for the Green Tea myself. I don't think it has any business in a Dot.

  6. Hey, as I walking into the BP last night I saw a poster for these things, including EARTH - Pomegranate. So they didn't leave earth out after all. :)

  7. Wow.....looks like I've been missing out on lots of cute doggie pics!
    Gotta love the Roscoe!!!!!

  8. That Roscoe is a cutie pie! I tagged you for a meme on my blog. Check it out:

  9. Cybele found Earth, Lisa, but they didn't have it at Shopko when I found these, I wonder if I should review them.

  10. Hey Jamesbo, I'm going to take care of the dog my cousins warned me was the original Cujo next weekend. Hope I don't get eaten. Have a few pictures I'll put up soon. Where the hell have you been?

  11. Okay Patti, will check it out. Roscoe is my good pal.

  12. Roscoe is adorable!!!

    Mmmm...I think I'd be most inclined to the green tea flavour. Actually, I like cinnamon too. I'm going to have to check out the stores to see if we get them here in Canada. I'm sure the candy stores would carry them.

    Have I ever sent you the Green-T flavoured Warp Energy Mints from my friend's candy company? They're the ones who do the Jones Soda candy too. If I haven't sent you any of the Green-T energy mints, let me know and I'll send you some. I think I may have sent some to Jimbo. Not sure.

  13. How are you C.? I was thinking of you while watching my pregnant cousin float around the pool yesterday.
    Ol' Bonehead is a good boy even when he's pretending to give me a kiss and really licking off dribbled root beer float from my chin.
    Wish I would have found the fourth flavor, pomegranate, but that's either my eyes or Shopko for you. Haven't seen them anywhere else, but it's only a matter of time.
    No I haven't had the Warp Energy mints, but don't like green tea flavor unless it's actually green tea.
    So, did I tell you I'm taking care of Cujo this weekend?

  14. I love the carefully placed dots;) My kids love them - but they don't mix well with orthodontic appliances!!!

  15. Hey Kelly, you got that right. They are one of dentists most disliked candy, but so very tasty.
    The Dots are attending a Little League Championship game.


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