Thursday, July 10, 2008

Movie Candy, DOTS, and Tornadoes

Hank AaronI stumbled across these Earth, Wind, and Fire (Everybody sing...Our voices will ring togetherrr, until the twelfth of neverrrr...) DOTS while looking for an electric grill at Shopko—they didn't have one, so I got these instead.
Actually they're Water, Air, and Fire, with water replacing earth. A delicious candy or prognostication?
Vince wanted to tear right into them, but all good things must wait or come to an end or something. Look for a movie candy review this weekend.

Post Script: I was making the sound I imagine a meerkat makes, not knowing what a meerkat is, exactly, as I listened to Bob Uecker and a 4-8, 4.74 ERA Dave Bush pitch a filthy, filthy game against the Rockies. Miller Park was packed plumper than a Klement's sausage, admirable for a week day. (Better able to think about the 400 succinct, yet amusing words due tomorrow on Brain Drain, in case my editor should read this.)

Brewer's Sausage RaceAll hot and sweaty from working so very, very hard, I went swimming; the point of all this being that when I came back outside, what had to have been a tornado—straight winds my Irish ass—had ripped through the parking lot.
The side of my car was covered in single leaves and branches which looked as if they were trying to pass through the car. Trees were down everywhere, split, ripped from their roots, and hanging on for dear life. There were trash can lids with chains still attached to them and no trash cans to match.
I asked some guy, half kidding, if a tornado had come through. Then I saw the dark gap where his side window used to be. (His answer was "yes.") More missing windows in the car next to his, and unidentifiable yellow crap everywhere. I noticed long pieces of metal that looked as if they'd been tenderized curled in and out of parking spots. Something metal was twisted around a car, and I kept looking up to see if an airplane had fallen out of the sky. Yes, I watch too many movies, and have seen too many episodes of Lost and the X-Files.

And no one said a thing about it while I was gliding along, listening to a cover of the Bee Gees I Started A Joke (still thinking about the story, writing it in my head). Either that lifeguard or WORT has excellent taste in music.
Anyway, there wasn't the usual we've narrowly escaped a natural disaster camaraderie. I think because no one really knew what the hell had happened. When I talked about it to a clerk at a nearby grocery store, she asked me if I wanted paper or plastic.
New item for To Do List: Find out if a tornado hit 15 feet from where I parked my car.
Oh yeah, the moral of the story, always bring your camera.


  1. Sorry, you're comment got blown away in the excitement, Lisa...
    Our Ched of the Week had written:

    Pretty candy boxes! They look good!

    Hey, I'm on your sidebar. :) Cool! Thanx!


  2. Sorry, Chrissy, I lost your comment when I reposted with the Post Script that was longer than the original post.
    Chrissy had written:

    Ooooooooh!! That is soooo cool! Curious to find out what they taste like! Can't wait for your review! I've always wondered what wind tasted like...

  3. I love those snake photos, woman. How close did you say you got?
    Any tips about dealing with CRW files?

  4. Air is supposed to be Wintergreen, Chrissy, and tastes a little like Hot Tamales Ice. Which is interesting because the Fire tastes a little like a naked Hot Tamale.

  5. oh...that just sounds wrong. A naked hot tamale. Where's the tasty sugar coating?

    I wish you'd remembered your camera. How many people can say they narrowly missed a natural disaster by a few feet? And what was the yellow stuff?? Did you ever find out?

  6. It looked like water logged insulation that liquefied, Jodi. It was weird the way it wrapped around car antennas and wheels and stuff. I haven't heard anyone but the people that came out of the building dumb founded call it a tornado.
    It's true, the crunchy sugar coating is gone, but it is a DOT after all. The Fire ones are a little like those Red Hot Dollars candy.

  7. ewwww! The yellow stuff could make you mind ooze...tee hee!!

  8. Hey Zoe, funny, since I'm working on a story on brain drain. Maybe that's what it was.

  9. Oh...I know DOT!!!!!
    Department of Transportation!

  10. How weird! Maybe it was an X-File!!!

  11. ...if it wasn't. It would make a good episode

  12. Um, okay, James, how's that Blue Moon treating you?

    It was barely mentioned in passing on only one local news station, Olga. There was an XFile based in some WI town where they'd kidnap teenagers. One can only hope.

    You're right, Jodi, because it would have to happen in the news station parking lot, while they were out there, with cameras, in order for it to get attention.
    How does that Bree Sharp song go:
    Watching the sky for a sign, the FBI's on my mind,
    I'm waiting for the day when my lucky stars align,
    ...Sitting like a mindless clone, wishing he would tap my phone,
    ...I'm Wisconsin

  13. Dots???? I freaking LOVE dots! Cripes GF be careful out there will ya!

  14. I was indoors, swimming, Zoe. I tried to lay off the pool water because I thought that it, and not the tremendous amount of sweets I consume was blowing my diet. And every time I go to your blog I want to swim for hours.
    Yeah, it was barely on the news and I didn't have my camera.


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