Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's What Now?

October 24th


In sum: apartment flooded, ten years worth of stuff juggled, shuffled, tossed, and given away.
For legal reasons suffice it to say that the nightmare of looking for a place to rest my weary (and wet) head, going back to face landlords and their employees every. day. (from August 15 up to Labor Day) and losing many of the things I took for granted (like sanity) is now the least of my worries.
The stuff I've yet to find is stuff I don't really know is missing—wrap your sugar filled brains around that one.
And finally, I found a computer desk.

Legare DeskIsn't she cute? Yes, I'm now anthropomorphizing furniture as well as computers, cars, and dogs.
This lovely Legaré desk is sometimes called the puzzle desk because it comes in a few wooden pieces that look like puzzles. Unfortunately I was one of those smash it in with your fist types and had a few pieces left over where the hard drive now sits.

Got Candy
Speaking of left over, how many of you have been Halloween candy shopping since July and which batch are you on now? Not having a place to live or something on which to write may have slowed me down, but it doesn't mean I wasn't watching. And waiting, brrrraaaahahaha.
I'm going to be posting a lot of old and new photos through Halloween and want to send a Halloween card (pictured in the desk photo) to whoever sends me a great Halloween photo.
I think I already have a winner, which is something, considering I haven't posted this yet.

More importantly, I'll also be listing my top ten Halloween Treats—knowing that although my math is unforgivably bad, this will take us beyond Halloween.
Here's Number 10.

Awesome AppleThe James J. Awesome Gourmet Chocolate Caramel Apple w/Pecans, $6.95

James J. makes them every Wednesday in Lake Mills and brings them to the Madison shop on Monroe, next to Mallatt's.
They go quickly. You may think $6.95 for a caramel apple is pricey (it is), but these are truly the best I've had. And I've had, believe me, I have had.
If you want to place an order for several (no limit suggested), you should have them within a week.
I reviewed them here, they're seasonal and life altering and I suggest at least one a year.


  1. Welcome back Sunshine! Bout time!

  2. Arrrrgggggg. Darn Comment moderation!!!!!Drat!!!!

  3. I've totally been wondering about you. Sounds like more fun than anyone should be allowed! Cute desk, even if you had leftover parts!

  4. I had some good comments here that got moderated, but I can't remember them??????
    CRS is alive and well in me ol' brain!

  5. I know, I know, once you turn it off to allow people to comment freely (Get your teeth whitened now!), you get caught in this comment moderation loop on the Dashboard.

  6. Hey Lisa, will have to check in with you soon. It is a very cute and highly functional, yet simple desk.

  7. Oh did you now, YoJim?


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