Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Born Again

Just Born
Coming in at No. 6, Stuff From Just Born

This, my dangerously high blood sugared friends, includes Hot Tamales (love them, need them, have them often, eat them with popcorn and apples, want to bear their children—Lola Heatherton laugh), Peeps (what can you say about Peeps—squeeze them, melt them, torture them, stuff 12 in your mouth), Jolly Joes (which have resurfaced in places like the Dollar Store), and the I'mnotquitesureaboutthisbutI'vealreadyeatenallmyfavoritecandyandit'sbig, pleasant surprise in the middle of your trick-or-treat bag, hits-the-spot (the spot that probably doesn't exist if you eat Halloween candy the way I Peanut Chews.

Hot TamalesYou go Just Born, a tip of the pancreas to you.

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