Sunday, October 25, 2009

Scary Canadians

C. and John
Some lovely er photos (Ab Fab reference #687) from the lovely C., John, and Little One.

Little Lady ButWish the beetles that have invaded my apartment were this cute.
A Halloween card is coming your way, C.


  1. My fav Canucks! Gotta luv em!!!

  2. Awwooo, scccarreee.

  3. Awwwwww! Sweet! Thanks, JMo! We do look pretty scary!!! Check out Little One's gummy grin! She's all a grandma without her dentures! ;) Gotta love her though! Did I tell you she's been trying to climb out of her crib?! Gah!

  4. Oh, man, already? Next thing you know she's gonna have a little rope and pulley system rigged up.

  5. Jeanna, we took LO trick or treating on Halloween. Yeah, we're bad parents. The kid doesn't even have teeth and we drag her out into the night so she can get candy for us. LOL! Some of the people thought she was so cute and let her PICK her treat. What does she do? She grabs a Mirage for me and a Coffee Crisp for Hubby. We have her well trained.

    P.S. I was SHOCKED that people in the countryside give out cans of pop (you guys say "soda" in the States?) for Halloween! LO had half a case of pop in her bag AND a whole tin of Pringles! LOL!

  6. She is hilarious, you really do have her trained, right into the crazy C. life.
    No? Man, what are you going to do about that?


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