Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Necco Chocolate Sweethearts

Chocolate SweetheartsDay 10, Yes I'm still doing this, Chocolate Necco Sweethearts: You know them, you've thrown them around the classroom, it's one of the cheapest Valentine's Day candies in existence, it's the Necco Conversation Heart, chocolate style.
Chocolate is actually listed in the ingredients along with a couple gums and five different dyes. If you took a handful of regular Sweethearts and let them soak in the bottom of a carton of chocolate milk (along with a bit of chalk)—long enough to flavor but not long enough to disintegrate—you'd have a chocolate conversation heart. I can't tell you what happens to the conversation.
It's interesting that Necco comes up with ten new sayings and a theme each year, because the chocolate heart on the bottom left clearly says "Mug Me," and another declares "Maniac." I like the inclusion of the gay community with the "Love Boys" heart, although I don't understand one that says either "Now Mancat" or "Mow Moron."
Not crazy about the nagging "Call Home," or the desperate "Marry Me"—wouldn't "Have You Been Tested" or "I Hope You Choke On This" go better with the pragmatic "Get Real."
Did you know there's a conversation heart plant just east of here in Pewaukee? I didn't.
Not worth a drive through a foggy tornado or the inevitable flooding, but 110 Calories a box (almost two "full" boxes fit into one) and as much sugar as you'd expect, make the Necco Chocolate Sweetheart a decent Valentine's snack which tastes better than it needs to.


  1. Have you been tested? How about "stand back, you're in my bubble", or "Mow, girlbean"? Lol...

    necco wafer/conversation hearts. I still have some from a couple of decades ago. I think they're still good. They...er, look ok.

  2. I've been tested all right (is it all right or alright)?
    That's the thing, they'll survive the upcoming Apocalypse.

  3. I have a necco sweetheart that someone gave me that says "cupcake". I have had it for three years and haven't eaten it...it doesn't look at all different than the day I got it. (so there you go).

    I like this idea though...what does happen to the conversation!?

  4. I think the conversation gives the milk that extra something. Wonder if your sweetheart tastes the same as three years ago?

  5. Hmmmmmm.....I thought Neccos were kind of gay to start with.
    "Not there is anything wrong with that"...as Seinfeld would say!

  6. "Get your fudge packed here"?

  7. These things are addictive, Jimbo. And what's gay about a conversation heart, oh wait, see your point.

  8. LOL! Love your posts! They're always so clever! I've always had a fascination with those heart candies. They're really cute, but taste like crap! I don't know why we use that expression. Has anyone actually tasted crap? Ugh...nevermind. I don't want to know! LOL!

  9. Hey C., how's the thaw coming along up there? We're getting more snow while waiting for floods.
    These are pretty tasty, much better than the regular ones. I was surprised. May have to buy more.


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