Monday, January 07, 2008

Welcome To Wisconsin

I have to drive through fog practically every day as it is, but enough with the 100 car pileups, killer icicles, and weather already. And a tornado warning? I hear it's mostly FIB bound, but after the season da Bears had they don't need another disaster.
Ba da dum.fog docksPostscript: At least six tornadoes spun through southeastern Wisconsin after I posted today. At least three in Kenosha County, and another one flattened a town near Milwaukee. Get them, smoke them, pour another one, have your fun now, roll in the mud with a redneck, and sing along with REM—it's Armageddon people, and southern Wisconsin is ground zero. Must be Satan collecting on that deal he made with Favre.


  1. What the Fork? I feel like I'm reading in a fog?

  2. Can't you southern boys do something with carrots and grain alcohol?
    There is no end to it. Yesterday there was a pile up with over a 100 people, 50 injured, and two dead not too far from here. Some other big ass crash today with at least four tornadoes touching down around Milwaukee and Kenosha. Yes, tornadoes. Wisconsin. January.
    The end of days I say. Smoke 'em if you got 'em. Pass the limoncello.

  3. Carrots and grain alcohol sounds like a terrible combination!

    Now take a 12 Oz. Jar of Red Maraschino Cherries, pour out the juice and refill with some good ole mountain moonshine, and we can work with that!

    My advice; stay home and drink, blog,and eat chocolate till the weather clears!

    and...Stay off the interstate!!!!!!

  4. But then you could see better through the fog. Is that Cherry Juice for real? Sounds like a possibility, Redneck Cherry Juice, I like it.
    I can see clearly how depressing it is outside today, so maybe the fog has lifted. At least from the parking lot.

  5. They had a jar of moonshine cherries at the New Year's Mud Party! I spotted it while it was still full of cherries. I tried a cherry and it was pretty wicked!
    Then later on I saw Harry walkin around with the jar. It had nothing left but the red colored moonshine juice,he was drinkin it like Kool-aid and offerin anyone a swig that would drink with him.

  6. So the drunken cherries are the main event with the juice mixed in there along with whatever was on people's fingers reachin' in the jar. Kind of like a drunken watermelon. The cherries sound a lot better.
    As they say in the CC Rider Clubhouse: "Coming or going?" (Rising or still up from yesterday?)

  7. Brett Favre is the devil.

  8. Jeanna
    We were actually forking the cherries out of the jar.
    I actually forked the first cherry.

    Wow....that's breaking the cherry on the cherry jar?

    I sittng here drinking an evening toast to your famous home state brewery (Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company)!

    I was in the local Food Lion this afternoon and decided to buy beer instead of wine this time.

    That's when I noticed the bottled Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat!

    Me likey!!!!Damn.....I bet this stuff is good on draft. I've been craving draft beer lately?

    Anyway, I remember you mentioned drinking "Leinie's" in one of your post or comments and thought I would give it try.

    Cheers me lady!!!!!!!

  9. We used a fork!!! We Forked the little cherries out of the jar!
    I got the first cherry, so I guess you could say I broke the cherry on the cherry jar?

  10. I hope you were gentle.


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