Tuesday, January 29, 2008


VixenEqual Time.
Meet Miss Vickers. She ain't never chased a rabbit, but she is a friend of mine. Known as the "good dog," she'll eat a cup of Rocky's bread sticks, strip the car of dog treats and every wayward piece of gum, then retreat to the back seat before you come out of the video store with that movie about pies. And she'll know, somehow, the movie is about pies. Her photo appeared in an article (which I've yet to put up) about Pet Psychic Faye Pietrokowsky, who did a reading of the old girl via email.
And speaking of chocolate (weak, no?), I picked up a bag of Hershey's Kissables in a hoarding frenzy during today's hail/snow/ice/thunder does this mean Favre's deal with the devil is back on/storm.
KissablesI know it's not a new candy, but I was attracted to these festive Valentine's Day colors. They remind me of M&M's with better tasting chocolate—actually I'd forgotten how rich and smooth a Hershey's Kiss can be. Maybe it's the new sugar unfriendly diet. Maybe it's like getting lucky after a dry spell. A long, long, dry, dry spell, but these were tasty.
The candy coating is almost, but not quite, overkill, and the crunch is fun. You have to admit, they do look good in a cookie. The candy coated mini kisses are perfectly sweet, like the regular sized kisses, and have that flavorful bite which shows someone is at least trying.
Not exactly Old Speckled Hen, but no Point Beer either. Yeah, that's right, I went to happy hour before I wrote this.


  1. Miss Vickers is definitely "kissable". What a sweet ole gal.
    I've tried twice to leave a comment on the video post below,but Roscoe keeps eating the comments?

  2. If there's anything I love more than traveling & blogging it's CHOCOLATE! Fill my cups with deep dark chocolate and I'm a very happy bra'wd!

    I'm blog rollin' ya today!

  3. Hmmm...They would look good in a cookie!

    You know what other festive chocolate treat I love? I absolutely LOVE Cadbury Mini Eggs! I love the speckled outer shell and the perfect milk chocolate inside.

    One of my friends LOVES those Cadbury eggs with the 'yolk' inside but I've never been able to eat that stuff. It's so sweet, it gives me a toothache just thinking about it!

  4. PS. Miss Vickers is an absolute beauty!!!

  5. I'm a sucker for the caramel Cadbury egg, and I'll admit their chocolate puts most other commercial chocolates to shame. I know what you mean about the sugar toothache. Ewwww.
    I'm the only one who calls Vixen Miss Vickers, and since I didn't meet her until she was about 7 or 8, it's funny she answers to it. Apart from the hideous "ass breath" she's a total sweetie. And smarter than many of my two legged friends.

  6. Testing, Testing 1,2,3
    I've been trying to leave comments but the darn blogger won't let me??????????????

  7. How oh how have I missed discovering your blog? Yummy candy! And I too am in Wisconsin. :)

  8. Roscoe, aka, Bonehead, would eat a comment, especially since one of his fav things is to sit in a conversation circle.
    Yeah, Miss Vickers Vickerson is such a sweet babi, due in no small part to my cousin, Karen. I guess that whole litter was full of dream dogs. She even let me brush her teeth when she was about 8 even though she'd never had them brushed before. Vickers, not Karen.

  9. Hey there traveling bra! Love your blog and concept. I just bought some dark peppermint cherry cordial chocolate which I'll fill ya up with tomorrow.
    Thanks for the shout out.

  10. Hi Lisa. You're a granny? At your age? Dang. Does Plover still have that water park and the good go carts? I used to go through there on the way up to Door Co. and my friend's cottage. Some place with a lot of eagles along the river.

  11. Hoarding chocolate? I can identify with that. I must have ten pounds of candy in my "chocolate drawer". But...never thought of filling my bra with chocolate. The cup size is too small. I wouldn't get enough.:)

  12. Thanx for coming to my other blog, my main stuff is here http://lisaschaos.blog-city.com though. :) I'm happy I found you. Btw I found you on the bloggers choice award site and voted for you right away. :)

  13. Hey Jodi, bet there's no chance of your chocolate drawers melting anytime soon. My cup size has shrunk, while the junk in my trunk has overflowed to the rest of my body.

  14. Lisa, what beautiful photos! I need to get a cup of tea and look them over. No ducks around here look so noble. They nip at your toes under the picnic table until you give them take out.

  15. I love Miss Vickers. I watched that movie about pies. It seemed to go on forever... What did Faye say?

    ps...you should see if you can pick up a bodum chocolatier at Target. It was like $7 and of course you make it with your favorite poison.

    ps...I found your pro site and I knew you were a talented lass when I found the Dish! XO

  16. Hey MM,
    I liked Waitress quite a lot, but knowing Adrienne Shelly got killed by an irrate neighbor was so senseless and sad, it cast a pall over the movie...believe me, that could be my demise. Recalls how the star of Eraserhead died, which was coincidentally outside a diner.
    This is the bodum jug you just got, yes? Looks wonderful, wish I didn't have to cut down my milk intake. SIGH. Seven bucks is QUITE the deal.
    Oh pishaw, my little point and shoot does a great job, but I don't even have a decent flash. I was a "B" photog student at best. You and Lisa from Plover are the true pros.

  17. Oh, Faye said Vixen knew everyone's place in the household, and saw her place as the one really in charge. She's very bright and always knows what people are talking about. She entertains the humans like a furry little clown and thinks I'm "silly." Even though I'm not really part of the household, Vixen figures me in the mix. (She gets mad at me if I don't visit for awhile.)
    And this surprised me, Faye said out of the blue, "Don't bring in a new dog for two years. A kitten would be better." I hadn't mentioned it, but they were talking about getting a puppy for some time. And then came Roscoe.
    He was a holy terror and Vixen spent the first year trying to avoid him, but he's completely in love with her.


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