Friday, February 22, 2008

Arnott's Original Tim Tams

Biscuit PackThe first time I read about the "irresistible chocolate biscuit" on the Brit candy site Chocablog, I knew I had to have them. The cookie I mean. Although I've always been fond of the folks at Chocablog. That last link is the Tim Tams review posted by an Aussie who joked:
*"What’s the difference between an Australian and a tub of yoghurt?

Tim Tams
And thanks to my blogger buddy, Brigid (aka Miss Eagle) of The Eagle's Nest and Oz Tucker, I've been tucking into the crunchy, creamy, dreamy, milk chocolate, double wafer cookies for the last few weeks. Making them last you see, but the last of the last is inches away from my greedy front teeth.
I like to scrape, dissect, and crunch.
They're a friendly cookie, good sized, and rich, rich, rich; named after a Kentucky Derby winner. Not quite Kit Kats, they're more like a fancy chocolate wafer. I like how they use the word "engery" instead of calories. Puts it in perspective. To get rid of the 1600 kj of energy from four cookies, I'll have to swim 3600 meters and walk across Lake Mendota twice (once to get back). And I better do it soon because it's a whopping -2.7777777777777777 Celsius today.
The official site proudly displays its Balls, Chewy Caramel, Classic Dark, Double Coat, Love Potions, and so on. I was more than content with an 11 pack of Tim Tam Originals. Did you know they launched their Balls in September of 2005 (and haven't seen them since, ba da dum).
*After three days the yoghurt develops culture. Could we replace "Australian" with "redneck," James? Ponder that over a Newcastle and tell me what you think and why you're drinking Newcastle.


  1. So how do you come by all these excellent goodies anyway?!? You must have some good connections! :)

  2. Hey Olga, how you feeling? Tan faded yet? These came in a kick ass pack of sweets from Oz which had Freddy Dairy Milk Candy, Fantales, Violet Crumble, and the most wonderful strawberry licorice from Miss Eagle.

  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I've been waiting for this post! Salivating as I read. Thanks, Jeanna! ;p

  4. Mmmmmmmmmmm...Tim Tams!!!!!!!

  5. Hey Chrissy, I can't believe all the flavors they come in. Which reminds me, here is why I'm a lousy cook. Turns out the green beans I got for your recipe are really snap peas, and I don't know what I did to that poor squash. But those snap peas were soooo good, I included them in every meal. Yes, breakfast too. But then again I won't tell you when I eat "breakfast."
    It's 12:30 am and I'm eating waffles and chicken sausage.

  6. ohhh...Violet Crumbles? They're delicious. (and so THAT's what a Tim Tam looks like!!) Yummy. :)

  7. I love Violet Crumbles too, Jodi, although Cybele, the candy guru at Candy Blog prefers Cadbury Crunchies.
    Yeah Tim Tams are two chocolate covered wafers with a chocolate creme center.
    Yum indeed.

  8. A note about the licorice I mentioned to Olga, it's called Ricci Soft Licorice, and Miss Eagle sent me this link:

  9. I'm pondering eating a Tim Tam and washing it down with a Newcastle, but I'm afraid I might get too cultured!
    I've been craving a draft beer, and decided to try something new,so I ordered a couple of Newcastles while at "Outback" steakhouse the other night. Then went to anther bar/poolhall and continued to drink a few more.

    I used to love washing a "Snickers" bar down with a Miller Lite, so a Tim Tam with a Newcastle might knock some of the red off my neck?

    Where do I find a Tim Tam?

  10. Hmmmm.....been studying the post some more. Looks like we were both "down under" Friday. You with your Tim Tams and I at "Outback".

    I enjoyed the read about Tim Tam the Kentucky Derby winner.

    I was at "Outback" with a childhood friend who used to raise Quarter Horses for show.
    We ran into another friend of mine, and when I introduced them they both had a flashback!LOL!!

    It seems Dennis, my friend from NCDOT used to have a mowing business on the side and he used to keep the grounds mowed at my friend Gordon's stables.

    He was mowing down the fence line one day and "Cash" ( Gordon's prize stud quarter horse) snuck up behind Dennis and reached over the fence, bit him on the shoulder from behind, picked him up in the air and snatched him clean off the back of the mower.
    Dennis didn't know what in the hell had grabbed him? The mower continued on and ran into the fence before it finally stopped and they had to take Dennis to the hospital!

    Shortly after that flashback.....the drinking began!!LOL!!!

  11. I dunno James, Australia? The ten foot snow bank outside my house? Or one of the two links to Arnott's Web site I put in my post.
    I tried to wash down some shots with an Old Style the other day and ended up washing down the Old Style with more shots. Used to drink it with corn flakes back in the day.
    The bartender called himself the Fru Fru King of the Shots. This one had Jameson (what a waste), Wild Turkey, Malibu and juice. Quite tasty.
    Newcastle is a fine beer, so why are you drinking it? Ha. Ha.

  12. I think the drinking began long before that flashback.
    Poor Tim Tam, but not a bad life.
    Horses seem way too big to be that mischievous, damn critters.

  13. Gordon sold "Cash" after the divorce and the new owner said cash bit him on the shoulder one day and almost dragged him over the rail and into the stall with him! That's a little more than mischievous to me?
    Maybe I'll do a post on that crazy horse?

  14. It's One frickin thirty in the morning and I can't sleep. Thought I'd come online and check out what you and Jimbo have to say. You two crack me up.

    Australia...Tim Tams...The Outback...Brokeback Mountain...Heath Ledger...Michelle Williams...Dawson's Creek...Katie Holmes...Tom Cruise...Scientology...Conspiracy Theories...OMG, I think I need some sleep...desperately...

  15. Cash seems a little psycho. Reminds me of my neighbor. You should definitely do a post on him. What's with all the shoulder biting, were they wearing apple cologne?

  16. It's 2:56 am down here, C. More snow on the way, which is good because dagnabbit, "enough is enough" just ain't in me vocab.
    Did you watch the Oscars? Went quickly I thought. Looks like John Stewart has a permanent gig.
    This is the first time, ever, I called all four acting categories. Although I had a "maybe" going with Ellen Page.
    You do seem pretty restless lately.

  17. At the school I taught at in Toronto, the teachers and staff would always place bets on the Oscars. It was only a $2/person thing, so it was pretty much fair game. With a dozen teachers and six staff members, $2/person adds up! LOL!

    Did you have any money on the Oscar contenders you chose? You should have! ;p

    Yes, restless indeed. I'll tell everyone on my blog why I'm restless. Maybe I'll make the announcement tomorrow or the day after!

  18. C
    You aren't with child are ya? You've been talking about tapping that --- lately?

    I'm sorry...C got me concerned with her last comment.

    I talked to Dennis at work today and he said "Cash" didn't snatch him completely off the mower, but only lifted him about 6 inches off the seat.
    He said it was enough to turn the engine of the mower off via the safety switch.
    Gordon exagerated during our drunken stupor!
    That completely ruined the story for me now!:(
    Dennis said he did go to the hospital because the bite broke the skin, and they wrote up something on the horse like if a dog had bit a person or something!
    He said if he had known how crazy they were going to be about documenting the bite he would have never went.

  19. Hey C., are we wishing you congratulations of any kind?
    No money on the gold men, and I would have lost in three editing categories anyway.

  20. Six inches is still a story.
    Ba da dum.

  21. You had me a Kit Kat. If this is a better version of a Kit Kat I'm there! Yum!

  22. Hi Lisa, they're more of a cookie I'd take over a Kit Kat. Much creamier.

  23. You were set to get the balls as well but those postage rates beat me. Glad you loved them. Believe me, Cadbury Crunchies do not hold a candle to Hoadley's Violet Crumble Bars - and I know coz I have had six decades of eating them.

    BTW am just reading this Annie Prioulx story set in Wyoming where she lives. This ranch gets sold to an Australian who sets up "Down Under Wyoming" complete with emus. Well, blow me down if I didn't feel like a stunned mullet!

    Blessings and bliss

  24. Hey Miss E., always so nice to hear from you. Don't worry, I have plenty of balls. Yeah postage is a killer. It was funny how suspicious the postman was when he delivered your package. He was like "It's from AusTRALia." And I was like "Yeah, I can read." Very bizarre.
    I was surprised to hear that said about my beloved Violet Crumble.
    A stunned mullet you say? I assume you mean the fish, but either way it's funny. I'm going to remember that one. Sounds like a good read.

  25. Tim Tams ROCK MY WORLD. Seriously, they are perhaps my most favorite cookie EVER. I have a friend in Australia who mailed me a package and I was instantly hooked. I ordered a bunch a while ago from some place in Texas. They didn't last long, though.

  26. Hi Patti, I tried to make them last, but I guess they had to go at some point.

  27. Anonymous2:42 PM

    My local World Market store carries these under the "Arnott's Original" brand (they don't say Tim Tam, but that's exactly what they are). They also carry the caramel version.


  28. TimTams are just as the package says... The most irresistable...
    I was pleasantly surprised to find them at the local Super Target but then just as surprised that two weeks later they were GONE! What's up with that? Is it a shipping or freight issue? Just let me know because I know people in imports that would love to bring in container loads for companies like Target.
    Now about that Newcastle beer you were talking about - if you didn't know, it's not made in Newcastle Australia - it's a UK beer. And like TimTams, nothing compares to REAL Australian beer. Well, I'm developing quite a taste for Belgian beer but that's another story...

  29. What's a real Australian beer Mayo, if you say "Foster" the beer talk stops here.
    UK beers are my favs. It' s a shame they stopped making or changed or stopped distributing John Courage and Old Speckled Hen.
    I've seen Tim Tams at grocery stores, but can't remember off hand which ones besides the World Market.
    I'm sure you could do a Web search and find out the information you're looking for or contact Target.


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