Sunday, February 03, 2008

Santander Chocolate

Santander chocolateDay 12, Santander: Dark Chocolate in an orange wrapper, 70% Cacao
I got this point of purchase chocolate from the WSA, or Community Pharmacy, where they still have a State Street address even though they've been on West Gorham for years. Haven't they? I never was in step with that place, last I checked they had me living on West Mifflin. And that was a long. Time. Ago. And what's with all the condoms? They come in jars, wrapped in bars, *taste like Mars.
I was there to pay over $48.00 dollars for my first bottle of fish oil because, well, apparently I'm an idiot. The cashier insisted I try the Santander Dark Chocolate in the orange wrapper (which orange wrapper?—I'm old, leave me alone), and because she looked as if she could beat the living snot out of me, or at least name 20 things to do with tofu, I got two bars of chocolate, hoping that one of them would be right one, I mean left one, I mean the correct one.
I think the Bowie haircut intimidated me. Reminded me of squirrels. Or maybe it's because I'm from a family of Madison cops. Yes, I was a cop's daughter in the sixties, in Madison, WI, and all that entails. And it entails a lot. So I always try to look as if I don't shave my arm pits when I go into co-ops. Besides, I already stood my ground in the herbal tea section. Or tried to. Where am I going to put all this lemongrass ginger hibiscuss tea?

Dark Chocolate Santander
Chocolate, yes, the scent fills the air from one quick nibble. I'll have another bite right now. Strong. Tastes like cocoa, 70% cocoa I'd venture. You get that powdery munch of cocoa which lingers on your tongue and keyboard. It's crunchy and melty all at the same time. Exquisite almost. But being Day 12 of something I started the second week of December, I'd be out of adjectives by now even if I had them to begin with. Which I didn't, so feast on this description from Santander.

The bitter taste quickly changes to chocolate taste
that takes up the hues of rich nuts, flowers, and fruits.
It fills up all your taste buds and slowly releases the
lingering flavor of extraordinary chocolate of fine
"Criollo" and "Trinitarian" origin. It is ideally paired
with cognac, single malt Scotch whisky or reserve wines.

Really? Never in a million tofu-filled years would I have come up with that. Maybe I should do a fish oil shooter and ponder rich nut hues.
*That's a joke, son, and no reflection on the fine prophylactic and other products from Mars or the Community Pharmacy.


  1. Good lord! LOL! I'm always amazed how you can make any post about chocolate or candy a very funny post!

    Why am I all of a sudden craving chocolate???

    I dunno if I could do the 70% cocoa though! That is pretty strong stuff! I know it's healthier to have dark chocolate, but GAH! I don't know if I could eat anything that tastes like PURE cocoa! My biggest vice...milk chocolate or anything with hazelnuts or macadamia nuts. Crap...Ferraro Rocher's are evil. EVIL! I buy them for my Mom every Christmas because they're her favourite. She doesn't know that I buy them for her so I can eat them at her house!

    I've got a little something for you on my blog ;)

  2. It's late.I've been working all evening. Thought I would come here to see who won the Super Bowl?
    Guess I'll have to google it?

  3. upset?....I love it!!

  4. If you had to come here to see who won the Super Bowl I, I, just don't know what to say, except:
    WHAT A GREAT FRIGGIN' GAME! IN YOUR FACE PERFECT RECORD SUPER MODEL DATING PRETTY BOY AND TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE TEAM (except Wes Welker, who may know from my correspondences before the restraining order how much I love him) AND CUT OFF SLEEVES WEARING COACH WHO AT LEAST DIDN'T CRY LIKE T.O.
    I got to take Vix and Roscoe out in the snow yesterday and thought of you and the girls.

  5. I have been a milk chocolate fan my whole life, Chrissy, but am coming around piece by piece. I think you could handle this and other quality chocolates because they are sooo good. The 88% Premier Cru was too much for me though.
    The Bowie haircut was pushing it as health food, so there you go.
    You are too sweet, girlfriend.

  6. The darker and stonger the better...chocolate that is. But it's gotta be smooooooth. And if it's hot & gooey, all the better! Mmmmm.....
    Seriously, I am a chocolate fanatic. Can ya tell?
    PS: You crack me UP! :)

  7. Hey Olga, still plucking out cactus needles? I can tell you're a fan of the bean. So much to learn about chocolate, so much chocolate to consume. This was pretty smooth stuff.
    Hot and gooey you say?

  8. Mmmmmmm-yeah. Rich, dark, hot gooey...that's all I need! Well, and maybe a little Woolite. ;)

  9. That's the advantage of being a black bra, easy to hide the chocolate stains.

  10. Where did you get this? I'm in Colombia right now and I found these chocolates and absolutely love them. When I googled searched it and saw a blog from Wisconsin, my home state, I was a little surprised. I'll be in Colombia for 2 more months but I'd like to know where I could by this near my house because it's amazing.

  11. Hi Daniel, you're a long way from home. I got this in Madison at the WSA pharmacy. Other health food type places might have it. World Market and a place called Gem City in Baraboo are better sources for imported chocolate bars.


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