Monday, February 25, 2008

Haribo Sour S'ghetti

Gummi Food PyramidGummi candy and sour licorice, my true loves. They'll never leave you for someone younger with better teeth. It's not expensive chocolates I crave, but Sour Patch Kids, Sour Punch Straws, and although I've never had them, Uncle Oinker's Gummy Bacon.
Damn the braces boys and girls, put a dentist's kid through Vassar by following this handy candy pyramid.
A new favorite, Haribo Sour S'ghetti, comes in what the German company calls a Hanging Bag. Yes, a hanging. Bag.
Other hanging bags of interest: Clown Fish, Happy Cola, Mini Rainbow Frogs, and Battle-Snakes (okay I know they're really Rattle-snakes, but Battle-Snakes sounds so much cooler and that's what it looks like on smaller bags). Funny Germans. Haribo's tiny-hard Gold-Bears are also among my favorites from this gummi food group.
Sour S'ghettiSour S'ghetti may look like bait, but it tastes like julienned Sour Punch Straws. The green apple is a little too tart, and the blueberry isn't nearly as pleasant as the strawberry, but somehow they all go well together.
If you're pregnant, munched out, or someone who likes sweet, sour, and salty, you may enjoy them with a bag of Synder's Butter Snaps.
Fun Fact: The Trolli candy pictured in the pyramid's bottom left is gummi Road Kill, extinct due to an outbreak of political correctness.


  1. Mmmmmmmm!!! A girl with great taste! I love Sour Patch Kids, Fuzzy Peaches, Swedish Berries...Oh, I can go on!

  2. When are you going to change your icon to you wearing glasses? That was such a cute photo.

  3. Gag:(
    I can't stand those Gummi candies! I don't know what it is? I can't even stand the way they feel in my mouth? The texture is all wrong for you're eating rubber or something?
    I do like the Roadkill idea!

  4. Hey, you're talking about my favorite food group here. You won't even have a gummi beer?
    I liked the road kill too, damn PETA.

  5. I used to love the gummi candies with the cola and orange soda flavours. I think there's only one candy that I absolutely cannot eat. That would be black licorice. Don't be hatin' on me! I do love me some strawberry licorice...or any other licorice (grape and mint are yummy!), but not black licorice. Perhaps it stems from childhood. I never liked it and never tried to like it.

    C'mon, Jimbo! You don't like the texture of Sour Patch Kids or Fuzzy Peaches? What about those Sour Cherry gummies? YUM-O! (Sheeeeyit...That was a Rachael Ray phrase, wasn't it?? Urgh)

  6. Jeanna, any way to get in touch with you outside the blogosphere? You can reach me at c h r i s t i n e 1 2 1 8 7 5 at y a h o o dot c a

    LOL! Paranoid much? You betcha!! ;)
    Plus, I'm tired of spammers asking me if I'd like to enlarge my penis...Ummm...yeah.

  7. Hey C., just write me at the Dish email and I'll give you a better address. Tried yours and it didn't go through.
    Have you had a fresh piece of Kookaburra licorice? It may change your mind. I've gotten dead sick on Ouzo and still crave the black stuff.
    I bet we could get Jimmy to eat some drunken gummies (gummies soaked in vodka or in his case grain alcohol).

  8. If the drunken gummies disolve (completely) in the grain alcohol.......then....hell yeah.....I'm up for it!

  9. My son loves those types of candies, no chocolate for him. :) Leaves more chocolate for me. :)

  10. I think the trick is to not let them dissolve you little redneck.

  11. I can do both, but I draw the line at chocolate covered gummies, ruins the gummies.

  12. Maybe Jimbo should try Maynard's Wine Gums! Just kidding, Jimmy...There's actually no wine in the wine gums! I just thought you'd like the idea of there being actual wine in them! ;)

    Jeanna, perhaps I should try some Kookaburra licorice.

    BTW, I just got a care package that included lots and lots of Japanese gummies! They were deeeelish! They were the best gummies I've ever had. I also got this other type of Japanese gummies that were covered in chocolate. Chocolate covered gummies = a very odd experience and sensation!! I don't know what I think of the chocolate covered gummies. I was intrigued, yet dismayed. For me it's either chocolate or gummies. My taste buds and my brain can't process the sensations at the same time. I need to enjoy them each separately.

    I know what you're thinking...FREAK! ;) Maybe when I get back from my trip I will post something on the chocolate coated gummies just for you.

    WZZAP!!! <--That was the word verification for this comment! LOL!

  13. Cool word verification.
    The chocolate covered gummies seemed like a good idea, but blech, I hated them. I think they were hand dipped from The Candy Corner in the Dells.
    I love the English Wine Gums.
    How are the Japanese gummies different? Were you able to find an email address from the blog?
    I'm tempted to order both the strawberry and black licorice that Brigid sent me, but Kookaburra seems unbeatable in the field of black.

  14. Are you serious...they really discontinued the roadkill ones?? I loved those! I also love the gummi burgers.

  15. Hey Cakespy, it looks as if this happened almost three years ago to the day (2/28/05) from what I've read. It was mentioned that Kraft sold the Road Kills to Wrigley, but I don't see where they bought, produced, or distributed them.
    The NJ SPCA was supposedly behind the death of the Trolli Road Kill.

  16. There is something very fresh about the peach ones...I'm not a bug fan but I'll take one or two. TJ Maxx always has a weird assortment of gummis to chooses from. For VD SF got brightly colored centipedes and tree frogs...

    Back in the day I worked at The Swiss Colony and they sold the little choclate bottles filled with various cordials. I think they still make them somewhere...

  17. o-pa...they are Maggie Lyon made in Norcross GA...

  18. I love Swiss Colony, it was the best reason to go to the mall. We used to "have lunch" when we went there. Butterfly crackers and horse radish dip, mmmm.
    I'll have to drop by TJ Maxx to check out their gummi selections.
    What is SF's fav gummi?
    I remember those little chocolate bottles. When I was in college at LaX, my Godmother sent me the most wonderful box from Swiss Colony. Ate like a king I did.

  19. So Lisa, are you saying you're plying him with gummies to keep the chocolate for yourself?
    I love both, but not together. No, nay, never.

  20. swiss colony? Are there still actual stores (Maybe I'm just playing I remember when...*sigh*) I loved just walking in and being able to buy things without a catalog.

    gummi haggis. Oh yeah. gummi haggis. (so cool....)

  21. They used to have the odd kiosk, but I'm stepping deep into the Wayback Machine for the last time I grazed there, Mr. Peabody.
    You can stuff your gummi haggis with a gummi heart and gummi lungs.

  22. Oh my gawd! You like "horse radish"? You gotta be kiddin'?
    I'll eat a bucket full of "Gummies" before I'll eat "horse radish"!
    I gotta go get a beer to get the taste out of my mouth!

  23. I wudda thought rednecks were fed Gerber's horseradish instead of strained peaches. And this was special horseradish. All creamy and smooth...maybe it had something to do with puberty.
    Let me buy you a Fru Fru King shot and a Leinies.

  24. OMG, Jimbo! I thought all rednecks ate horseradish like ketchup!! Or do you say "catsup"? ;) Hubby LOVES horseradish. It's insane how much he loves his horseradish!

    I still can't believe you don't like gummies! When I was a kid, I used to go to the corner store after school and buy those Swedish berries *YUM*! I'd get 25 for 25 cents. Back then 1 cent candies were actually only 1 cent!!!

    Remember that Bazooka Joe bubble gum that we used to be able to get for 5 cents each? The ones with the horrible rock hard gum with the white flour-like dusting over it? The ones that came with those funny comic strips? I remember buying those too. I don't know how I ever thought those were good. They were rock hard! LOL!

  25. Jeanna, I just saw in that e-mail that you have never had fuzzy peaches!!! SERIOUSLY???? I wonder if it's a Canadian thing then? Just so you know what they look like (just in case you have tried them but they're called something else in the U.S.), here's a photo of them:

    If you scroll down a bit, you'll see them. Ah, crap. Now I feel like having some fuzzy peaches...Right NOW! LOL!

    P.S. Unfortunately, I will not be brining my laptop to the Dominican Republic. I promised Hubby that this will be an Internet-free vacation! ;)

  26. I can't believe it either. Don't you picture him on a barstool grabbing eggs out the jar with one hand and drunken cherries with the other. Moonshine dripping from the still in the back, bloodhound on the floor next to the establishment's shot gun.

  27. You know, maybe I have had them. Never had the penguins though. That mattgunn sure has some good taste in candy. I'd be all over those pink grapefruit slices.
    Time to eat soup and watch LOST before another cousin Rosebud'sthesled for me. Is there no stopping these people?

  28. My kids love that ca-ca.

    Sorry. If it ain't chocolate, I ain't eatin' it!

  29. Your double As have great taste, Olga.

  30. Ok,Ok....You can have my "redneck card".......but I'm keepin' my "man card" and the shotgun!

  31. Anonymous10:42 AM

    creative way to show awesome gummy candy. i think gummy bears are my ultimate favorite.

  32. Hi Vintage, thanks for stopping by, nice site you've got there. Wish I would have kept up with the violin, but that thing was never in tune, and I was forever breaking strings. Must have been fate.
    Love gummies and may even post another entry today about it.


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