Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Soft Ball Stage

Here's something to amuse you while I drop the next few posts in a cup of cold water.
I'm well on my way to becoming obsessed with LOST. According to the quiz below, I'm a British Hobbit with artistic tendencies and an addictive personality. With a bossy sibling. Spot on.
Click on the box below to take the Which LOST Character Are You? quiz. I was hoping to be Vincent.

And this is what I got the second time around. What was that about addictive personalities?


  1. I'm Charlie Pace too. I thought that was funny. Totally didn't think I'd be a Charlie Pace. Perhaps it's my addiction to drugs and my emotional weakness...and my love for my fellow Hobbits. Who knows?

    I've got something chocolatey on my blog for you to check out. Don't know if you'd be interested in 'real' hot chocolate (aka chocolate tea)?

  2. So what answers do you think made you Charlie? For him I said I'd fight dirty, make the best of the island, and preferred blonds. For Juliet I said I'd run away from a fight, wreak havoc on the island, and didn't care about hair color.
    That drink looks quite tempting. I'm drinking lots o' water as well.

  3. Why not the hard crack stage? Yummy, not I need some candy.

  4. LOL! Jeanna, I also said I'd fight dirty, make the best on the island and preferred blonds! Too funny! "Great minds think alike"...or as Hubby says, "Fools seldom differ" ;)

  5. Ok....I'm totally lost with "Lost". I took that frikkin' long ass quiz anyway and came up with Jame "Sawyer" Ford?
    Damn, I'm an evil bastard?
    Maybe it had something to do with,the other guy isn't leaving alive,jail multiple times,republican, sienfeld.

    But then if I change one little answer like "been arrested nothing major" I'm Charlie Pace?WTF?

  6. Hey Lisa, I see you're in one piece after cheesing off that Elk.
    If I'm at the hard crack stage, I'm about to ruin yet another batch of candy.
    I got two lovely packages of sweets last week, and wonder how I'm going to lose weight if this keeps up.
    Sigh. Where's that candy from Australia...

  7. So there we are, Chrissy. "Fools seldom differ," I like that.

  8. That wasn't a long ass quiz JAMES. Same name, eerie. You realize of course you couldn't have gotten a sexier character. He's not evil, he's just bad, and the right woman could change him. La, la, la, la ~sigh~ la, la.
    Are you allowed to say "Republican" and "Seinfeld" in the same sentence? I want to know why Eddie Murphy and not Richard Pryor. He's looking at me from the wall right now saying, "Why NOT me, mother!#@%er?"

  9. Hmmmmm....I used to be sexy and bad! Then the right woman came along and changed me.
    Now I'm just fat, old and sad!
    the only reason I picked Sienfeld is because they didn't have Bill Cosby or Bobe Hope!
    You have to admire someone who can be funny without the cursing! That's hard work!
    Kind of like me commenting without being sarcastic!
    Did I just say that?
    That wouldn't be any fun?

  10. lol--I'm Jin Kwon, stern and quiet tough guy with mob ties. Wonder how I got that? I took it twice. Maybe because I said I fight dirty, cooperate most of the time and look horrible in a bikini?

  11. You're not fat or old. Me, I'm a manatee without the good tempermant. You do seem a little down lately. Still on the egg drop soup diet?
    Bob Hope? Why not Sid Caesar or the Great Gildersleeve? Yesssss?
    That's an interesting point though.
    I'd say:
    Elaine Boosler
    Bob Hope
    Dane Cook
    And if someone answers Dane Cook they are fed a fish biscuit and caged until taller Walt's ghost has them killed.

  12. You got Jin, Jodi? My cousin also got Charlie, and she's a Republican. I was shocked too. Maybe that means you're a simple fisherman at heart. Might come in handy for your new locale.

  13. I can't get the strong Chocolove at my target. And I can't wait to see what Lost character I am. Have a Happy V Day, Sweetness! XOXO

  14. Happy Valentines my dear!
    What....no Valentines candy post?
    Where's my Chocolate Necco Sweethearts?????

  15. Hey Ms. M. Another great show tonight. I got the Chocolove at the WSA pharmacy. Maybe they'd have it at a health food store or in the so called health section since dark chocolate is all the rage.

  16. Happy Valentine's Day Jimmy! I do have a Valentine's post, just not up yet. Busy day. Even got to romp in the snow with the dogs. Roscoe is now afraid of snow shovels. How you feeling?


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