Monday, February 04, 2008


Giants fanRednecks and football go together like smiles and slobber.
Not even the Super Bowl, James? For shame!
Love to Eli, David, Michael, Plaxico, Osi, and the gang (even Tom Coughlin).
Sssmmacckk, slobber.


  1. I had to work during the Super Bowl helping a friend, and his nephew grind the paint off a concrete floor of a local resturaunt.But, I doubt I would have watched it anyway!
    Roscoe looks like he's been eat'n snowballs?

  2. Yeah, yeah, I already heard it. Would you have watched it if the, chuckle, Panthers would have played?
    Roscoe was one happy snow dog. He even leaped a small fence from the sheer joy of it all, then of course was puzzled by how he ended up on the other side.

  3. Panther's smanthers!!!!
    I just can't get into it?
    I love to hear about an upset though, basically because it upsets so many sports fans!!!!

    It's kind of like a fancy show dog taking a dump during a walk around the Westminster show ring!!!!

    Now that's an attention grabber! What a ya say Roscoe?

  4. Well the Panthers suck, so I don't blame you. It didn't upset me, that's for sure.
    Has a dog ever taken a dump at Westminster? I should be doing my homework which I'm three weeks behind in, and now you've got me searching the Web for dog show dog dumps.
    Roscoe would have no qualms about grabbing the sports section and trotting into the middle of the ring for a little healthy relaxation. If you know what I mean.

  5. You two are hilarious! I think I upset Hubby while he was watching the game. I kept asking "What inning are we in??" and he'd give me 'the look. Then I'd try to make things better and ask "How many quarters are there in a game??" LOL!

  6. It's nice you feign interest, C. Tell Jimmy to let me do my homework!

  7. I was on my way to bed when I decided to drop by and leave you one last comment so you know that I was just joking. I'm really not that dumb. A little dumb, yes...but not that dumb. ;) I actually tried to get a high school crush to teach me the rules and terms of the game. I figured all the guys luuuuuuuuv football, so it should be a game that interests me. Plus, I didn't want to be that stupid chick who just didn't get the game. I desperately tried to learn everything about football.

    In the end, it was like math to me. I just didn't get it. However...I've been gaining an interest in it since Hubby really enjoys it. He's good at explaining things...errr...he's very patient with me. Mom just brought over a box of Toffee Fays and the Hubs and I polished off an entire row of them. My stomach feels like I've got a rock in there. Urgh. That was a bad idea. Do you like Toffee Fays?

  8. Sheeeeeyit! I just reread my last comment. The high school crush was when I was in high school...not now! I'm not that kind of teacher. BAH! I think it's past my bedtime. I'm rambling.

  9. Argh! It's "Toffifay" and not "Toffee Fay". Who the heck spells toffee like that anyway?

    Okay. I'm seriously off to bed now. I've got a question. You can get Toffifays in the U.S., right? The reason I'm asking is because my uncle in NY always asks me to bring him a couple boxes of Toffifays when I go to NY to visit him.

  10. Yeah I've seen Toffifays around. I know Deb's and Old Time Candy and Groovy Candies have them. I don't remember trying them, but will make a point of it.
    Don't understand half of what's going on in football, it's not a simple game.
    Hey, I spell toffee like that. But then again I stopped trying to spell at age 12. Puberty? Catholic school? Ironically, that's when I started to write.
    I didn't even think of the Debbie LaFave angle, hahaha. I'm beginning to see a whole other side of you Chrissy, you vixen.
    I feel rather bloated myself. Still eating those Super Bowl tacos.

  11. Debbie LaFave!!! I was surprised at how many news reports have been on TV about teachers having affairs with students. Yikes!

    I spell "toffee" "toffee" too and was curious was to why the company named their candy "Toffifay".

    Speaking of chocolate...I was thinking of making Hubby some homemade chocolate truffles for Valentine's Day. He has a sweet tooth and I have been depriving him of sugar. I guess Valentine's Day is a day when he can indulge.

    It's horrible. I LOVE baking and making chocolate, fudge, etc...but I always give it away because I don't want any of it in the house!

    One more thing before I sign off. I remember driving to Vermont, NYC, Boston, Buffalo, etc to do some cross border shopping (yes, I'm guilty of that). We used to always come back with the coolest things. There were a lot of candies that were available in the States that we didn't get in Canada. Now, I'm wondering if there are any candies that we have in Canada that the States doesn't have? Do you guys have Smarties?

  12. The picture opened and all I could say was "oh, sh*t--", I thought it was some kind of weird black and white candy. lol--it was a DOG.

    Gotta laugh...

  13. Hey C., I feel the same way about baking, don't even like to have the baking stuff in the house.
    You probably mean the UK Smarties, and although I've heard of them, and may have seen them once at World Market, I've never tried them. Do you like them better than M&Ms?
    I'd bet that Canada has lots of stuff we don't have. I know you used to get endless reruns of French & Saunders. I bet there's a lot of Brit influence there and you have candy not commonly found here, such as the chocolate Smarties.

  14. No, Jodi, that's just young Roscoe loving life. And for a change, what do you know, it's snowing. How's the candy supply holding out? Anything interesting in that drawer?

  15. It looks like the internet keeps eating my words! UGH! I like the looks of the Candy Corner, you're right I'll have to stop by. :)

  16. Hey Lisa, have you shoveled out yet? The Candy Corner is at the end of all those shops on Broadway under the German clock, by the Essen Haus. I'm sure summer is the best time to go. It's a shame some of those places aren't doing better.


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