Saturday, December 13, 2008


Gobstopper candy canesIn the yearly hunt for tree worthy candy canes, I was surprised by the tri-flavored Everlasting Gobstopper candy cane. I was surprised I hadn't tried them before, and how in the thrall of a cold weather sugar fit, the White (Fruit Punch, Orange, Strawberry) cane was so crunch crispy yummy.
The Red cane is a little redundant with it's Cherry, Lemon, and Strawberry flavors, but toothsome nonetheless, whispering a hint of cherry lemonade.
I prefer both the White and Red Gobstopper candy canes to the Green (Watermelon, Grape, Strawberry) because the light sour taste is underwhelmingly represented by a layer of watermelon.
I'm often surprised by Wonka products and became recaptivated with Nerds over the summer. No, not that kind of nerd.

Haning candy canesThe color changing effect of the Gob cane is a waste on me because I like pitting teeth against hard candy. Ask my dentist. I don't fare well with Tootsie Pops either. But it's fun if you like that sort of thing. Not that I've had the will power to find out.
If these canes make it to a tree it will be a Christmas miracle.


  1. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

    One, Ta-whoooo, Three. Chomp. Three.

    Are you old enough to remember that commercial?

  2. Oh, that white candy cane sounds yummy. :)

  3. Gobstopper candy canes?! How neat! I love the little gobstoppers!

  4. *sigh* my browser showed your cow post for a month. I don't know if I'm mad at myself for not refreshing, or er, myself for not thinking. My daughter wants nerds in a box for Christmas, as long as I put air holes in the box and make sure they're sexy, lol. I don't think she'd settle for a gobstopper. :) Even a candy cane gobstopper

  5. Merry Christmas Jeanna!
    Stay off the roads!!!!
    Loved that trip down memory lane with J's tootsie pop clip!

  6. Thanks, Olga, so you decided not to go with the mistletoe?

  7. Hey J., settling into the Republican Demise? There was a set number wasn't there (licks, not republicans)? Like 26 or something?
    Yes, yes, old enough and then some.
    The white was the best, but they were all three quite yummy.

  8. Hey Lisa, thanks for the book, hope you've got the snowblower-sump pump-fog lights out.

  9. Hey Jodi, that photo looks so formidable. Did we all say pirate at one time?
    It's not you it's (no, I'm not going to say me, even though it is) like making cut out cookies.
    First you make the dough, then you bake the cookies, then you get the frosting and decorations ready, and then you frost your cookies.
    Publish after the icing has dried.
    Is just taking much longer for the icing to dry these days.

  10. Hey James, I've developed some sort of post accident traumatic stress syndrome and have had to drive my parents everywhere anyway, including back and forth to Milwaukee in less than ideal driving conditions. At night, in a mini blizzard, on a train in the rain.
    Believe me, I'd stay in bed, or in the kitchen...hey, you'd like that...if I had a choice.
    Damn, what is wrong with me, next thing you know I'll be wearing wearing poodle skirts.
    Think I'll eat meat and watch football now.


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