Saturday, December 06, 2008

Enstrom's Toffee

Our taste testers loved this stuff. I found it too crumbnutty, and both Karen and Jackie found me equally crumbnutty for saying so. And making up words whenever I felt like it. Phil 2 was milling about the kitchen to sample and offered a typically succinct, "Mmm, goodth."
Although Karen instantly hoovered the milk chocolate off the bark, she seriously enjoyed the buttery crunch of the toffee between.
Both testers were too busy scarfing it down to say much more than how could I not love this Colorado candy and the toffee to chocolate ratio was perfection itself.
Jackie, the toffee lover, gave the golden nuggets the highest marks.
Yeah, okay, I was mostly eating the crumbs from the box before taking photos and passing it on to the test kitchen, but I could have done without the thick dusting of crushed nuts.
(That there is what we call a set up.)

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