Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

Cross dressing KenIf you interrupt Barbies, it's a good idea to come bearing candy.
Although the girls had been feasting on blue cotton candy and playing metrosexual Barbie, they'd seen Marley and Me earlier, so were still in the movie candy frame of mind. Let's face it, kids are always in the movie candy frame of mind.

Blue tooth cuzI won't see Marley and Me due to imminent dog death and a preference for good movies, so until Gran Torino comes out, I'm prowling the video stores.
You'll find Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites next to the Hannah Montana microphone gummies (which look like severed thumbs or worse) at the video store.
The kids and Cross Dressing Ken (do you not love the fur mini) gave the Bites a big snapping yum. The adults wondered how many candy companies would be out of business if they relied on taste alone.
I'll resist saying the Bites bite, but they taste just like they look, cheap chocolate covered bits of mint chocolate chip cookie dough.

Cookie Bite A Taste of Nature does a good job of marketing to the movie rental crowd. I mean I bought these hideous things didn't I, and kids would likely pounce on any one of their products. Yet I don't have to try Muddy Bears to remember my first chocolate covered gummy.
The girls didn't like ripping through the plastic pouch to get to the candy, but praised the Bites as chewy, doughy, and mint tasty.

Cookie Dough girlsAlthough my favorite thing about the not all that new Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites is a warning on the Web site to not bake them in the oven (not even an Easy Bake Oven?), I'll be all over their Mike and Ike and Hot Tamales Cotton Candy the instant I find them.
What do you think of that Cross Dressing Ken?


  1. Mike and Ike Cotton candy? Really? (Am I that gullible? Or are you pulling my leg with both hands? My kids would love Hot Tamale cotton candy) There isn't enough candy in a box of movie candy, or in those little ice cream bites. I'm starting to eat like a hamster. *sigh* I ate an apple today--and I didn't have to. It's sad, very sad.

  2. Alluring, isn't it? But when you think about it, you're talking fruity like Mike and Ikes or hot cinnamon flavored like Hot Tamales. Branding is everything I tell you.
    You know what goes great with apples, hamster?
    Hot Tamales.
    The cotton candy link will prove that it's so.

  3. Did you know that Cookie Dough Bites have their own My Space page?

    22 years old
    United States

    Who I'd like to meet: Mint Chocolate Chip


  4. This is going to be quick because using the hospital computer in the family lounge...

    Just wanted to say


  5. Hot tamales are probably hypoallergenic and would probably taste good on an apple. Anything "other" than apple would taste good on an apple. That's true about the branding. But...still. A cotton candy pouch with a picture of a hot tamale on it is way sexier than a plastic or plain foil bag.

  6. oh, I changed my avatar, lol

  7. You too, C., thinking of you and your growing family.

  8. You take a bite of apple and a handful of Hot I the only one who does that? Instant candy apples.
    I see you've gone all the way in, pirate-wise.
    Quite cool.


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