Sunday, October 22, 2006

Better Than Quidditch?

harrypotterFind everything you wanted or didn't want to know about the game at


  1. Is Reddi Wip considered candy? I think it certainly qualifies as delicious junk food.

  2. Everything goes with Reddi Wip. I have stories, many storeis.

  3. Bea Aires10:37 PM

    When is the next H.P. book due out? We should plan a family reunion for the day after the book is released again.

  4. No one really knows, so of course the Daily Mirror,, claims to. But if you want to hear it from the horse's, uh, centaur's, no that's wrong too, JK Rowling's pen, go to her website at
    She was working hard on it as of 13/09/06. Silly Brits, that's September 13th to you and me. She also says Book Seven will NOT be called Harry Potter and the Graveyard of Memories.
    The site is quite cool. Check out the wizard ads. Did you know that Crookshanks was half Kneazle? And yes, that's how the cat spells his name.


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