Monday, October 30, 2006

Gross and Nostalgic: Ghostbuster's Slimer Bubble Gum

GhostbustersThe number of Ghostbusters on State Street this year begs the question, "Were you even born when the movie came out?" And more importantly, "What ever happened to Slimer Bubble Gum?"
Slimer gum was made by the Amurol company around 1988. The Wrigley subsidiary loves to put things in a tube, and uses focus groups made up of kids. Does this explain Butt-Ugly Martians or Checkbook Bubblegum?
Some of their more popular products are Squeeze Pops, Bubble Tape, and Big League Chew.
The closest I got to tubed Slimer was a Yahoo auction for Ghostbusters Slimer Bubble Gum Toothpaste, auction still open.
You could have gotten the whole bathroom set on E-Bay for $10.50 yesterday.
There was so much to say about Slimer Bubble Gum at X-Entertainment in 2003, X-E writer Matt continued his report on the foul stuff here. Check out Matt and Mike's Halloween Countdown 2006.

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  1. Anonymous9:35 PM

    Did either of these two geniuses happen to notice the GHOST standing right behind them.


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